Odd AnyDVD and Spybot no taskbar?

I recently noticed that on Anydvd and Spybot when I updated my Nvidia driver for running my GTX260 and my Avira A/V. I lost the feature of having AnyDVD and Spybot teatimer that automatically runs in the taskbar feature. I notice this cause my previous Acronis image contains both those program taskbar running but the newest image with those software updates I get nothing for Anydvd and Spybot teatimer on the taskbar. I noticed this as well when I did a msconfig and found those programs to be set to run in the previous image but in the second imaging file those two files have been removed? I check to verify in the registry as well and it was on the first image but not the second image. I do have also ccleaner and used it to clean both cache and registery. But I know ccleaner should be working cause it is the same program I used previously. So does any know why or what might be removing the registry enteries for both AnyDVD and Spybot teatimer??? I did save the registry for both enteries from previous and then manually entered the registries into the registry on the second image. Doing this would revive both taskbar programs but why would it happen now?

Report back… Still same problem update my needed program including the Nvidia driver and spybot and Avira A/V. Then loose my Anydvd taskbar from running and spybot teatimer from running? No matter how I restore my image Anydvd from works fine but when I updated to Those two resident program no longer loads. Even though their program installs folders are still there. I know cause I test with burning a DVD and it said it couldn’t with the CSS protection and I know when Anydvd is running this doesn’t come up.