Odd advertisement at the top of the forum today

I just noticed this today, so I don’t know if this particular ad has been here before, but the ad says, quote:

“Backing Up” Rented DVDs?
Store disks in less space than DVD & jewel cases. New patented system.

Doesn’t it seem strange to advertise using the phrase “backing up rented dvds”? Especially since that topic is simply not condoned around here?

I don’t think it is the forum itself that advertises those - maybe it’s one of those targeted google ads or something - have you been looking for backup tools lately ? :smiley:

Well I was looking up something about Anydvd yesterday, but I certainly didn’t use the phrase “backing up rented dvds” anywhere! Google ads are getting out of control!

Well spotted…I find that pretty funny, considering the rules here at CDF :bigsmile: