Odd Advertisement At Slysoft

Just visited the Slysoft site to see if the official AnYDVD was availble and came upon an advertisement link there for DVDXcopy. You need to click on the download screen for it to appear, it’s not on the home page.
The only logical reason I can see Slysoft accepting this ad in hopes of selling ANYDVD which one would need for current protection removal. At the same time it’s being competitive with CloneDVD2, go figure.

Seems like a company named 321 Studiosoft is selling the last know version of Xcopy released 2/6/2004, v Sounds like a shyster scheme to me, they won’t be able to update it and you’d be screwed with it not being able to use it with the most recent Arcos protection. Plus if you buy the retail box no manual is included.

Question: Why wasn’t a manual included in the box?
We are releasing updates with new and exciting features for our products for your convenience on occasion. When these changes occur, various features in our software may be changed to the point that a manual would no longer apply. We have released an online product walkthrough for your convenience, which you can download from the following link:

What kind of BS is that, they haven’t updated since 2/2004 and never will. How convenient that the manual is availble for download saving them on production costs. For 90.00 you get a box and CD only.


Hi :slight_smile:
Hasn’t this been there quite a while now. I’m sure it has.

Probably was, I just wasn’t bright enough to notice it.

Yes it’s been on the Slysoft site on-&-off for quite a while. Robert Moore, the owner (but not, I don’t think, author) of the original 321 Studios & products (no “soft” included in company name), sold the rights to his products to this company, which is not in the US, after he lost his famous suit against the MPAA. Not sure if he gets a slice of the action or just sold it outright.

Ireland, an old-time DXC user (when it used to be a decent product), and Chief Moderator at the still up and running DXC forums board, and who has recently become a more common poster here at cdfreaks, knows the whole story.

BTW: I notice cdfreaks accepts a big, top page header/banner advertisement for memorsux recordable media. And we all know they are the bane of the backup world!

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These are google Ads. cdfreaks has them on the news page, too. Most of the programs and the “best copy programs review sites” advertised there are crap, and want to sell you inferior products for a lot of money.
I don’t know why the Slysoft site has google ads, maybe they need the extra income?

When I first began burning DVD’s I did use Xcopy and it did the job.
IMHO only, I do think the CloneDVD and AnyDVD products are superior with more features, and with todays ever changing copy protection, upgrades are a must.

From reading prior posts I do believe you still use the standard DXC program and it works well for you. My point in posting about it was to make people aware, especially newbies, that this may not be a wise investment, AnyDVD would still be required to keep up with todays technology. In addition it would be cheaper to buy the AnyDVD and CloneDVD combo instead of buying DXC and AnyDVD.

I do hope Ireland posts here more often, he’s quite knowledgeable and would be an asset in sharing that knowledge.

Oh, God(!) by no means would I want anyone to buy what is sold today as DXC! Unless you are a masochist. If you really wanted to mess up your life, use their platinum with memorex disks!!

Even back in the origial DXC days, most of us used AnyDVD with it. You can’t find the original anymore, anyway. Even if you found it, it would need to be activated… big problem.

CloneDVD2 is my choice now.