oD yuo sepllchekc posts?



I’ve always tried to spell check as much as I can because I am a HORRIBLE at spelling! I imagine most non-English people are better than I! Aye matey! :iagree:


Nope, don’t spellcheck. Never have and probably never will. It’s a way of living. :bigsmile:


:iagree: Since I was 4, I’ve had an inbuilt realtime spellchecker. :iagree:

Unfortunately, my fingers type with an accent, and for some reason at approx 10pm, my spellchecker gets a seg fault and aborts leaving cdfreaks and the world at the mercy of disastrously badly behaved fingers.


No never do spelling check.

I know how to write (almost) every word, but sometimes my brain is quicker then my hands and I write someting not totally correct, but mostly people know what I mean.


I always check for spelling mistakes myself before I post my thread/post . most often , i make some grammar mistake


I have a built in spellchecker as debro, as long as I know the word that is.


It’s very seldom I don’t use a spellchecker. If i didn’t use a such, I would limit my self
even more than i do now. Somtimes I also use a dictionary to find ohter expressions of a word.
I know that the spellchecker don’t catch all the grammatic mistakes. Well, too bad, but infact I’m
actually very anoyed about my English spelling.
This post was written at a very high pace (for me, that is) without spellchecker.

These are the Words that I know are misspelled in this post:

anoyed (this one really anoyes me :slight_smile: )
dictionary (not sure but there’s a good chance)

I just can’t figure out how to spell them.

I do not have a built in (English) spellchecker and in this post i’ll have to settle with my
“what the hellchecker”. Please have a good laugh :bigsmile: and please correct me.


@Beer_Dog , dictionary is right :slight_smile:


Ahh… I’m relifed :slight_smile: , at least one of the the words (in the whole post) were spelled correct :wink: I don’t mind saying it: I’m still typing without the support of a spellchecker. Damn. I got a bad feeling about “relifed”. It’s spelled relieved. Ain’t it ? :o


hmm, Whenever I use a spell checker, it turns out that I don’t need it anyway.
Of course some erreors slip in at sometims specialye whne m’i drukn, liek roght nwo.
so yuo se3 teh spll chker izz n0t nerded bij meh.


I have trouble with the word have. I normally type it ahve.

I do use the spellchecker from time to time if I am preparing a lengthy or important post.


You also misspelled other :stuck_out_tongue:


mon maximum PC didnt venez ceci matin, im triste :sad:


Longer posts…I generally keep my spelling correct.


You missed a few:p
It was one of the ohter words :stuck_out_tongue: Somtimes I have a few doozies :stuck_out_tongue: Like hte word “the”.