OD w/DVD RAM & Lightscribe: Recommend?

Hi guys, totaly new here. I have been trying to figure out something.

I don’t see many Optical Burners that have all the usual features PLUS DVD RAM burning AND Lightscribe. What do you all recommend and why, and what should be avoided and why, please?

Sorry if this is a lamer question. :o

Try Liteon, Samsung, Sony.

I thought Lite On quality has gone downhill. Do the other two even make such a drive? Where can it be bought?

newegg is the place to buy, and samsung 203n is a decent choice, i bought one of things and should have it by the weekend.

The lighton i think are just as good, i can’t remember the version just check out the lighton forum on here. I checked out the scan threads for both drives and it’s very hard for a newb like me to make heads or tails of what people are saying in their :eek: so i just got the samsung because i seen it was rated #1 in a poll somewhere on here…althow i think it was the 203b, but i think 203n is close enough if that makes sense lol

http://club.cdfreaks.com/f61/top-5-optical-drives-october-december-2007-cast-your-vote-now-228757/ will show you what’s popular. http://www.videohelp.com/dvdwriters will show you what features they have.

I’ve had several LiteOn burners with RAM support and all of them had significant issues with reliability and quality on RAM discs. I would not buy one for it’s RAM writing.

You don’t specify SATA or IDE for the drive type, this is a factor.

The best all-around burner I have with lightscribe is the LG H44L. Although, I’d add that Lightscribe is a pretty pathetic labeling system when compared to inkjet printing. It’s also more expensive than inkjet, and if you do many labels, the cost of an inkjet printer is quickly justified.

[QUOTE=pfloyd1;1932134]Try Liteon, Samsung, Sony.[/QUOTE]You can leave Sony away, since their latest drives are either Liteon or Samsung rebadges :bigsmile:
But you forgot to mention LG :slight_smile: