OD +R DL 25-pak for $14.99



This is the best price I’ve seen for DL discs (bottom of page 2), @ 60¢ ea), but I’m assuming something like Ritek junk. :Z Am I right?


According to videohelp they are Ritek D01 http://www.videohelp.com/dvdmedia?dvdmediasearch=Office+Depot&dvdmediadvdridsearch=&type=11&size=8.5&dvdburnspeed=All&order=Name&hits=50&search=Search+or+List+Media


[quote=jhtalisman;2119743]According to videohelp they are Ritek D01[/quote]Thanks, jhtalisman. Think I’ll pass.


bought me a pack of these earlier. havent tried them yet.


Please let us know how they turn out. :slight_smile: