OCZ will soon release a SandForce based SSD

I just posted the article OCZ will soon release a SandForce based SSD.


Read the full article here: [http://www.myce.com/news/ocz-will-soon-release-a-sandforce-based-ssd-22167/](http://www.myce.com/news/ocz-will-soon-release-a-sandforce-based-ssd-22167/)

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LOL!!! says in the article “No prices are yet available” you can bet they will still be high priced
probably priced way above what your average consumer is willing to spend. :iagree:

A fair amount of new information.
Certainly looks impressive! Not to mention different compared to most other SSDs.

It’s still awkward that some of the MLC SSD drives from Intel and OCZ cost more than most popular SLC SSD drives. Just look at the prices of Intel SLC SSD drives (the -E series.)

Currently, I have two Mtron 7535 Pro 64GB drives, one Mtron 3525 32GB drive, and a Samsung first-generation 64GB MLC drive. All Mtron drives are based on SLC chips. I can buy an Intel G2 160GB for a little over US$400 (if delivered from Tokyo) and an Intel 32GB SLC drive for a little less (if delivered from the US) while I can get 128GB Mtron SLC or 256GB Samsung MLC for a little more than US$400.

It’s been a few years since the beginning of the mass production of the first-generation and second-generation SLC-based SSD devices and they are still hard to find in mainstream laptops and netbooks.

My systems:

  1. AMD Home-built 785G Desktop

CPU: AMD Denev 4-core Phenom II 920
M/B: Biostar motherboard based on AMD 785G chipset with integrated graphics and 6 SATA 300MB/s channels
RAM: 8GB DDR 2 PC2-6400 (2GB * 4)
VGA: NVidia 8600GT with two DVI
SSD: Mtron Pro 7535 64GB SLC SSD * 2, Samsung 64GB MLC SSD
ODD: LG 8x Blu-ray writer
Display: 23-inch LCD at 1920*1080 * 2 connected to NVidia 8600GT DVI ports
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit Korean

One of the 7535 drives has the Windows 7 installation. Indexing, hibernation, etc. are disbled. I’m considering to switch to Clarkdale and replace the one MLC drive with another pro 7000 series Mtron drive.

  1. HP 945G Laptop

CPU: T2400 1.83GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor
M/B: 945G-based motherboard
RAM: 2GB + 512MB DDR2 PC2-5300
VGA: 945G integrated graphics
SSD: Mtron Mobi 3525 32GB SLC SSD
ODD: Samsung internal DVD Multi writer
Display: 15-inch 1680*1050 LCD
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit Korean

I have little information regarding Mtron’s future development. It’s been practically the only SLC SSD maker for the mass market. Samsung makes good drives, but it’s been under almost terrorizing pressure domestically in South Korea from all political parties and most of the nation in the recent few years, especially from 2006 to 2009. It can recover, but its thin panel and DRAM/flash busineses are permanently hurt as such industries require massive concentrations of capital and technological investment and a steady flow of domestic supply of the best students and researchers. It seemed for a while Samsung forgot that it was once dedicated to the future of SSD entirely. The top management family’s at the CES site including the legendary son of the founder Lee Byung Chul himself, the heir as the second man of Samsung Electronics, and two of his less well-known daughters. Samsung may or may not release 30ns chip-based SSD products soon. It was rumored they were going to release such drives at least by the second half of 2009, but there was none of such though there were F3 [i]HDD[i] products in the end-user market already. Perhaps we’ll be able to see 20ns-based drives not only from Intel but also from everyone else by 2010 3Q.

I’m guessing that the first SandForce based drives will hit the streets in the next few days.
[B]OCZ Vertex LE[/B] (100GB) priced at around £300.

[QUOTE=Dee;2488223]I’m guessing that the first SandForce based drives will hit the streets in the next few days.
[B]OCZ Vertex LE[/B] (100GB) priced at around £300.[/QUOTE]

Seems SF-based Vertex will finally begin to replace SLC-based drives sooner or later. I have these:

SLC 64GB (for i920, W7)
SLC 64GB (for Denev, W7)
SLC 32GB (for HP T2400 Laptop, W7)
SLC 32GB (for i920, temporary use)
MLC 64GB (for i920, temporary use)
plus 12GB SSD (preinstalled Asus netbook, XP)

I’ll gladly replace all of those with two or three 400GB SF-based Vertex’s for my Bloomfield desktop.

I think there will also be high performance SLC SandForce drives as well, [B]Kenny[/B].
They may well use SAS-6 though, and i have a feeling may well be only 50GB in capacity.

The SandForce controllers (1500 and 1200) are extremely powerful, and very smart. Perhaps drives based on these controllers will become known as Gen3 drives.

Meanwhile, I have just completed installing Windows 7 on my newest SLC SSD, a Samsung 32GB drive. :wink: So far, I’ve used Mtron 3525 32GB SLC and 7535 64GB SLC and Samsung OVA 32GB SLC and 64GB MLC. Samsung SLC performs just like Mtron SLC. I bought one for 115,000 KRW, or about US$100. I have already sold all the Mtron drives mentioned in the previous post though it’s very likely I’ll buy some other Mtron’s.