OCZ Vector 150 480GB $299.99USD



Well, the Prices are absolutely coming down on SSDs, and the good ones also.

Amazon has the Vector 150 480GB SSD fro 299.99 Free shipping no Tax


Great price. It was about time for OCZ to become more aggressive on pricing.


Now I see they lowered the price on the new OCZ 460 480gb SSD to 288.99 also, these are great deals but if I had to chose between the 2 I would go with the Vector 150 because it has a 5 year warrantee, and the OCZ 460 has a 3 year warrantee, it seems that all the SSDs are coming down in price so rapidly that everyone will be able to afford a 480gb or a 512gb for less money and have an excellent piece of hardware.




Just to show the difference in speeds with a cheaper SSD, not much cheaper but the Vectors were 299.99 and the Sandisk was 259.00USD