OCZ Trion 150 – 480GB SSD Review



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Today I’m taking a look at the OCZ Trion 150, a budget priced consumer grade SSD.
The OcZ Trion 150 uses a Toshiba branded SSD controller harnessed to Toshiba 15nm TLC NAND.
Let’s find out how this budget SSD performs in this review.

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i really hope you guys review more ssds. i am particularly impressed with the power consumption test. Good job, keep it up, thanks


I happen to like this Trion150, and I do not care about it lasting 100 years, TLC nand for my purposes is just fine and as far as price. This is a great value. I saw the Trion150 960gb on Amazon for 249.99, this is 960gbs. Great review Wendy. Thank you.