OCZ Technology ships its one millionth SSD


OCZ is proud to announce that it has shipped its 1 millionth solid state drive.  It was only back in 2008 that OCZ started selling its SSDs and now it has come to the point where OCZ makes most of its revenue from SSDs alone.

Despite how recently SSDs became affordable to consumers, SSDs are expected to continue growing in sales, especially for enthusiasts looking for a fast and robust OS drive.  However, it will be several years before NAND pricing comes down enough to make them competitive against hard disks for bulk data storage.

SSDs are also a fast changing technology.  The first SSDs released in 2008 degraded severely in performance after just a short period of use, to the point where the average HDD would easily outperform it.  With the help of TRIM and improved controller technology, most of the slow down issues have been solved in 2009.  Now, newer SSDs are focusing on speed and long term durability, especially with latest second generation SandForce based SSDs.

Source press release at TweakTown.