OCZ Keeps Getting In Deeper And Deeper Trouble


Read this first: http://seekingalpha.com/article/1154021-ocz-stay-away-until-the-smoke-clears?source=email_rt_article_readmore

As a shareholder - I am very concerned.

If you are thinking of buying a OCZ SSD - you may want to wait until the smoke clears on the OCZ’s future.

OCZ has always seemed to me to be a company that sells “chrome bits” to enthusiasts.

Like selling “chrome” parts to Car enthusiasts, chroming computer parts doesn’t make them go “Faster”

Installing PC2-8500 RAM into a computer that requires only PC-2-5300 or PC2-6400 RAM to function at it’s peak doesn’t gain anything except by “placebo effect”

Generally speaking OCZ RAM is someone else’s product with a fancy heat sink applied to it.

OCZ’s SSD’s seem to be “more of the same” and the fact that they don’t make their own NAND, as Crucial/Micron, Samsung and Intel (and a few others) do would make those others seem more secure investments than a company that is dependent on other suppliers for critical components of their products.

But I’m forgetting that what most people call “investment” is what I call “speculation” and what any rational person trying to be a truthful
as possible would call “gambling”.

OCZ has brand recognition but that doesn’t translate into “profit”

This would not suggest that buying stock in the company was a wise move as stated above, I consider them a “chrome” maker, they sell
marked up and relabled products to enthusiasts based on illusion
(or self-dilusion). It is hardly suprising that a company that sells “Smoke & Mirrors” conducts their buisiness on the same “Smoke & Mirrors”.

chrome is after all shiny (like a mirror) and hides (like smoke) the fact that their NAND as well as their RAM is made (And always has been made) by someone else.

Such commercial ventures rarely last forever before ther collapase into their own hollow shell.