OCZ Core V2 series Solid State Drive 2.5" Firmware Update

Hi, would apriciate you very much if any one can help me with step by step manual on :sad:how to update OCZ Core V2 Series (2 x 60 Gb) SSD firmware .I’ve got them (2x60Gb) long ago,never updated cause couldn’t find the right help.Sure that here I’ll get help:bow::bow::bow:.I’m just a beginer in computing but love online gaming very much so I’ve created my own PC.But what keeps me upset that is when I’ve RATED Windows7 it gave me results 7.8 on all apart from Hard Disk Data Transfere -7.2??? -sure it should be better with firmware udate or so…
Spec: Windows7 64-bit,RAID 0 - 120Gb (2 x60 GB OCZ Core V2 SSD), RAM - 6Gb (3 x 2Gb Corsair 1600),ASUS RampageII Extreme motherboard, Intel i7-920 (OC 3.4GHz -works fine with Cooler Master V8 CPU cooler - never goes higher then 45C),NVidia GeForce GTX 295, Power -Cooler Master 1250W( will do SLI 2x GTX295). Please help me to resolve that problem. Thank you in advance

Welcome to the forum.
There is no official firmware update for the OCZ Core V2, and a firmware update won’t give you a speed boost.
7.2 is also a good score for HDD in Win7. My Indilinx RAID0 SSD array scores only 7.7.

Hi, thanks for reply:clap::clap:.It will calm me down at this time but hopefully official firmware upgrade will be available soon,once again thank you for reply