OCZ Announce the Everest SATA 3 SSD platform

There will be a new kid in town.
OCZ have announced SSDs based on their new Indilinx Everest SSD controller.
SATA 3, and the first new Indilinx based SSD since OCZ bought Indilinx.
It may also be the first SSD to use 17nm MLC NAND, so prices should be very competitive.

From OCZ
Indilinx Everest Platform Complete Feature-Set:

  • SATA Revision 3.0 – Supports 6Gbps, 3Gbps, and 1.5Gbps interface speeds
  • Dual Core ARM CPU
  • 1TB Maximum Capacity
  • High Sequential Speeds
  • High Transactional Performance - Optimized for 4K to 16K Compressed Files
  • Up to 8 Channels of ONFI 2.0/Toggle 1.0 Flash at up to 200MT/s with up to 16-way Interleaving
  • Advanced BCH ECC engine -over 70 bits per defined sector
  • 400MHz DDR3 DRAM Cache Interface with Support for up to 512MB
  • Proprietary Nduranceâ„¢ Technology
  • Enhanced Power Fail Protection
  • Supports up to 1xnm Node NAND Flash with 1, 2, or 3 bits per cell
  • Efficient NAND Flash Management – Dynamic and Static Wear-Leveling, and Background Garbage Collection
  • Boot Time Reduction Optimizations – Collaborative Platform Development
  • NCQ Support up to 32 Queue Depth
  • End-to-End Data Protection
  • TRIM Support
  • Numerous Over-Provisioning Options
  • Industry Standard SMART Reporting


Oh oh oh! Can you share where this info is?
Dang, 17nm, I wonder what the wear cycles on that are…

[QUOTE=damage75;2597265]Oh oh oh! Can you share where this info is?
Dang, 17nm, I wonder what the wear cycles on that are…[/QUOTE]

NAND node size is no longer much of a concern, as long as the SSD controller is smart enough. Sandforce have already shown this, and no doubt “Everest” with its smart technologies will also be very good.

So far, if you wan’t a SATA 3 SSD, the only choice you have is SSDs based on SandForce SF-2xxx, or SSDs based on the Marvell SSD controller. OCZ/Indilinx will offer a third option, and that has to be good for consumers.