OCZ Agility 4 128GB SATA III SSD $69

OCZ Agility 4 AGT4-25SAT3-128G 2.5" 128GB SATA III SSD at Newegg.com

Price includes a sale, promo code (for those subscribed to newegg to receive them) and a $15 Mail-in-rebate.

This is one of their “Quick draw deals”

If anyone can take advantage of this offer great!


Ugh… to heck with these small SSD’s, bring on the 1TB SSD drives for $69… blow the hard drive industry right out of the water!!

While the speed of a copying operation to duplicate a nearly full large drive would be “nice”,
few operations need the data to be read that fast.
How fast does the data need to be delivered to play an mp3, wav audio or even full DVD video?

physical spinning hard drives are already several times faster than reading data off of a
DVD disc… so what exactly do you need that speed for?

What I want to see is SSD drives with sufficient built in redundancy to effectively eliminate
most of the worries about NAND cell lifespan.

The current crop of “Cheap” SSD drives have a 3k cell life, what I’d like to see is
drives built with twice as many “reserve cells” as there are active cells and a controller
programmed to use them that way. This way using cheap cells we have a drive of the
desired capacity with an effective 9k cell life, and thus an expected lifespan of a decade.

Why do I want this? because I can’t actually see a need for a Terabyte class SSD
Unless someone sells them for prices competetitive with HDDs the same capacity

When SSD’s drop to $0.10/gb…

Of course a 256GB SSD with made with 5k NAND cells
selling for $100 shipped is no longer a fantasy, it’s something we can all
see in the future, I’ll try to pretend to be suprised when I buy one from
Newegg in the next year… I doubt I’ll need to wait as long as Black Friday

Consider what the cheapest 120gb SSD with 3k NAND was selling for as recently
as memorial day…

Anyone want to bet against it?