OCZ 16GB Thumb Drive $16

OCZ 16GB Thumb Drive $16 after $10 rebate from NewEgg via 8:17 AM PST post on 3/3/09 at http://bensbargains.net/ using EMCLPLP27 promo code.

good find, to bad i dont NEED one, or I would scoop it up.

Newegg had that code in their latest newsletter, but it said it would drop the price to $23 ($13 after rebate). It’s good until March 9th.

Tempting, but I already have more external storage than I know what to do with. :doh:

Direct link http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820227333&nm_mc=AFC-Bensbargains&cm_mmc=AFC-Bensbargains--NA--NA-_-NA
shows $26 total cost and $16 after rebate which is still a great deal. Note it would be $23 total and $13 after rebate except for $3 shipping cost.

Ah, I see. That drive had free shipping for a long time, but I guess that went away when this promo code came along.