OC'ing LTR-40125S Stability Question



Hey guys,

Well, after reading all of the posts on how easy it is to OC the 40X to 48X, I'm really tempted to give it a try. The only questions I have are:

1) For those who have done it, what firmware version has given you the best results?

2) How's the stability at 48X? (ie. is it working out for you, or are you having more problems now than before?)

Thanks for your time and help!


I OCed my Lite-On 32x to 48x, so I can’t answer your first question. As for your second, well there are no random buffer underruns and the writing provides no errors with quality CD-Rs.

Hope this helps,


What are you talking about? If you flashed your 32x to a 48x, there would be a firmware version that you used.


to my experience firmware VS02 is the best.


Oh well I don’t know if he can use the same firmware I used, cause I only followed some thread’s instructions, but I think I used VS02 as well.

Good luck,