OCing 800MHz FSB & using DDR400 or DDR433

I going to get a twin pack of 512s and plan on overclocking the FSB.
My mobo supports up to DDR 400 but would it overclock better with DDR 433 ?

The only thing is the Latency is a little different on the DDR 433 ram

OCZ DDR433 2.5-3-3-7
Corsair DDR400 2-3-3-6 T1

This should be the last thing I need to get it up and running, just want to make sure I have the right ram that oc’s well.

Also, if anyone has other suggestions please let me know. This is my first attempt to build and oc so, all I know is from what I have read and asked here.

If you plan on increasing the FSB without locking down the RAM or using a divider to keep it @ 400…then a higher rated RAM would be best.

As you DDR speed increases, your timings are going to get “loose”…however, the OCZ should provide you with some sufficient OCin room.

You will probably need to adjust your CPU and RAM voltages alongs the way in your OCing journey.