Occasional Burned DVD does not play

I have done roughly 100 backup copies of my movies. Today for the second time a back up of one of these movies refused to play in one of my three home DVD players. It played on my other two players fine. On the one other occasion that the DVD did not play it refused to play on all three of my home players. I know some players do not recognize DVD +r but to have it happen so infrequently makes me believe it is in the burning process and not with the disk, burner or players.

I mostly use DVD Decrypter ->Shrink -> ImgBurn. On the occasion where it is needed I will use RipIt4Me. If memory serves the other time the disk did not play, I did not have to use RipIt4Me to get a “all home player ready copy”. This time I used RipIt4Me and the full disk option followed by shrink for movie only and ImgBurn.

Is it normal to get the occasional kink in the burning loop?

I am using my Litey 851s@832s for reading…
I am using my Pioneer 111D@111L 8.29 for burning…

All my software is updated. All my computer drivers that I can update are. Just looking for some knowledge from you experienced burner pros out there. :bigsmile:

BTW, using the litey to read and the pio to burn has related to roughly a 10% decrease in PIE and PIF. Still doing some testing, but it shows promise so far.

Thanks in advance for your help. :bow:

what brand of media are you burning to? Are you booktyping the +R disks to DVD-ROM?

The Pio 111 is very good burner and with the 8.29 firmware set DVD+R to DVD-ROM automatically so removes that issue.

As [B]Whisperer1[/B] asks , what media are you using. I’d suggest Verbatim 16x +R burned at 12x would be a very good combination, ceratinly works well on mine.

Thats funny, I forgot to mention that I am using TG02s.

If you’re using DVD-R media why mention DVD+R media in the post?

Yes you can get the odd issue with a burned DVD but typically this’ll be because of a very bad burn which can be detected either by a quality scan and/or a transfer rate test.

When you say “Don’t Play” what exactly does this mean as bad burns will not usually prevent the DVD from being recognised by DVD players.

I am using the T02 8x +Rs.

As for the Dont play, when I inserted the disk into the player it would spin for a moment and then stop showing 1 on the display. Of course, it worked perfectly on both of my other players and the transfer and quality scan were fine.