Occasional Audio Sync Problem with DVD to WMV

When I try to convert my DVD’s to Xbox360 WMV, oftentimes it works without a problem. But sometimes the audio goes out of sync right from the beginning and sometimes the audio goes out of sync halfway through the movie.

Take for instance what just happened with “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”. I converted it using DVDfab DVD to Mobile on Vista on a HP Pavilion with Intel Core2 Quad CPU Q6600 2.40 GHz with 3GB of memory. I converted it at night and the only other apps running were the usual background stuff like Norton. (I rebooted right before I started converting.)

I play the DVD and it plays fine of course. I convert it to WMV and when I play the resulting 1,120,603 KB file on the PC, the audio goes out of sync around the 1 hour and 23 minute mark of a 2 hour and 46 minute movie.

I rebooted again and killed as many background apps as I could with the same results - audio was out of sync in the last half of the movie.

Any suggestions?

This seems to happen about where the layer break would fall in the movie, so it may be related to the optical drive changing layers. Try using DVD to DVD, Main Movie mode to write the main title to a VIDEO_TS folder as Target, then make the DVD to Mobile conversion with the VIDEO_TS folder selected as the Source.

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Thank you Signals! That seemed to fix it. Now, I’ll have to go back through my collection and the others with which I had a problem.

The reason I like to back them up is so I can use them with Media Center Extenders which won’t play VOB files. While it will play mpegs, it won’t pause, rewind, fast forward, etc. like it will with WMV files.

Glad it worked for you. If it is an old drive, or a ROM drive, maybe time to put it out to pasture. WMV conversions run slower than anything else in DVD to Mobile. If your extender setup supports other formats (AVI or MP4) try them for much faster conversions.

It is a “Blu-ray & HD-DVD Player / SuperMulti DVD Burner with Lightscribe” on a 1-year-old top-of-the-line HP desktop PC.

It should not be a problem then, but watch for a pattern of loss of sync near the middle of movies on future conversions with DL originals. This is the area near the edge of the disc and is where drives sometimes have trouble. I do almost all my conversions from VIDEO_TS folders and have zero sync problems.

You might also try the generic.avi.xvid.audiocopy.

xBox supports these files and they rip faster.

I’ve used the ipod setting which rips pretty fast as well. The XBOX played the file after I changed the extension to “AVI”.

I wish Media Center Extender supported the AVI format. Only mpeg (no FF, REW, etc) or WMV.

[QUOTE=think1;2289012]I wish Media Center Extender supported the AVI format. Only mpeg (no FF, REW, etc) or WMV.[/QUOTE]

Yes you are correct. I am using WMP11 on the server side.

Ripping first to the hard drive and then converting to iPhone settings is not helping my sound stay in sync. The sound is just as out of sync on the latter half of WALL-E as it was ripping straight from DVD to m4v.