OC takes a look at PX-716A firmware 1.05

If price were not a consideration (and I know that is a stupid statement because money is important) do you think the BenQ DW1620A/PRO is still a better choice than the 716a?

i agree with you is a pricey drive , but have some strong points
x6 ± DL burner
plextools, 2 years fast warranty service,
Drive is capable of retrieving C2 error information
Don’t die like benQ :slight_smile:
If you only care about burning dvd’s , then get a nec or benq.
If you care about Audio CD’s and burn some DVD’s, buy a plex.
Just my opinion also.

Hi Mr OC!
Thanks for the scans, I know what media to buy/stay away from now.
And when I go buy a new drive, I may try a benq.
I was leaning towards an nec but after reading up the benq looks better.
wanna buy my 716A? lol j/k Happy Easter Everyone!

OC-Freak. Thanks for your time and effort! Very informative. :slight_smile: Guess I won’t be buying any Ritek for a while. Find the YUDEN000T02 scan suprising!

Instead of the subjective opinion ratings, i.e. “not as good as BenQ, not as good as LG, not worth the money” etc., why not post scans of the comparable burns on the BenQ and LG made to the same media on the same day?

Good point - it’s all about time and cost (media is expensive in Norway). For the LG you will find results in the LG review of most of the discs. For BenQ - well I think you will find the BenQ forum (+ some in my review) full of test results with about all the media posted here.

Depends - if writing quality at 16x is important - BenQ any day.

But plextools is a nice suite and may (for some) have useful tools like audio extraction etc.

To me? Well I would pick the benQ since I like the error testing abilities of the BenQ better.

Plextor/plextools is WAY to time consuming. I may change my opinion the day that plextools offer 4x or 8x scanning and reports both PI/PO and Jitter at the same time…without the need to do 3 scans to get all this shown.

Agree - but after all the BenQ DW1620 (DW1600 that could be upgraded to DW1620) was on the market 6 months before the plextor - so you should expect some improvements in that time.

As for LG - yes I would have liked 6x DL with this drive as well - but it looks like they will have a new model soon as well - just like benq.

plextools, 2 years fast warranty service,

Well, how fast is fast? Never tried it myself but others I’ve spoken to say 2-3 weeks to get a replacement from plextor here in Norway. BenQ could be returned to the dealer and and you will have a new one from the dealer. Warranty? According to Norwegian law you have the right to get a replacement/repair within 3 years from purchase - so too bad plextor - 2 year warranty gives nothing extra in Norway :stuck_out_tongue: since we have 3 years by law.

Drive is capable of retrieving C2 error information

Small point - but I agree.

Don’t die like benQ :slight_smile:

Disagree - looking at the amount of RMA’ed plextor drives it seems like there is A LOT higher problem percentage for Plextor than for BenQ - considering that BenQ sells more drives than Plextor in many areas of the world.

If you only care about burning dvd’s , then get a nec or benq.
If you care about Audio CD’s and burn some DVD’s, buy a plex.
Just my opinion also.

Sure, we all have our own opinion. But some base their opinion on experience with one or two brands only - I have drives from almost every manufacturer…

I agree with you in that point. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well alot of the price has to do with the features you get most people forget about Varirec and the ability to choose 8 write stradegies. I bought some really cheap media and managed to get Varirec setting to make it workable. I mean what other recorder would let you mess with write stragedy and laser power without voiding the warrenty. Hey OC have you tried testing Varirec on really crappy media that you know that the plextor hates. I would like to see those test. I read up on Varirec and for some reason I love putting it on +4 for DVD videos using stradegy 5 since the jitter setting on it turns out to be real nice and I would get pi under 100 compared to default 200+. The wierd thing is you can have Varirec on and Autostragedy on. Since I burned so many crappy media I notice that it does learn it and stores it into memory, but then again lies the problem. I mean who would use 72 disc to test out the feature. I used at least 50 disc to get where I am at now with this crappy media hehe.

Given the high deviation in general media quality I face every day (even with MCC004 which is believed to be the best at this time), I would not draw such conclusions that fast.

And I must yet see the day when my BenQ 1620 (or my LG 4163) clearly outperforms my 716A/712A on quality media … and I use all 4 drives and have scanned every DVD I have burned thus far …

My opinion (based on my personal findings):

About 75% of all burning problems (on devices that operate within their specified parameters) are related to a lack of media quality (or quality inconsistancy) and writing speed that has been chosen too optimistically.

Roughly 10% are being caused by false or non-matching writing strategies

Roughly 10% are caused by poorly engineered drives.

Roughly 5% are caused by ambient parameters (Temperature, voltage supply) that are not within the device’s operational range.

that sounds pretty logical.


16x with plextor is more optimistically choosen than 16x with BenQ or LG to my experience.

At 12x with all these drives I’ll say they are about equal, with DVD-R media the LG and Plextor would probably outperform the BenQ on some brands at least.

But plextor do still lag behind at 16x in my experience.

I cannot completely confirm that since my 1620 and my 4163B do not perform very well (according to my personal standards) above 8x anyway … but that might as well be due to a lack of real quality media at the places I normally buy electronics and such …

What I do have noticed is that the 716A is far more sensitive towards disc asymmetry, resulting in higher overall disc jitter when being compared with the BenQ on the same brand of discs. You can literally watch an FE/TE scan with Plextools and predict the resulting jitter curve within CD/DVD Speed … perhaps I should make some money as a seer :bigsmile:

You’re too kind OC :stuck_out_tongue: , you said “Pretty good” for a coaster (PIF >4). Or that’s not a coaster for CD Speed scan on 1673S?

Maybe bad media. Here’s my share on YUDEN000T02. Pretty good. http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=926832&postcount=23.

That would explains (and I second) JeanLuc comment that you draw conclusion too fast, imo. When you failed on T02, did you try to burn a second disk?

While we’re on it, here are some media tested on BenQ 1620 done by zevia (although not too many 16x certified). http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=927684&postcount=1008

I need more time to test 716a with this 1.05 fw. :sad:

At the risk of upsetting people. :slight_smile:
I actually like the Plextor 716. It does some things rather well.
But, as a 16X DVD writer it’s not good. It’s easily outperformed by my NEC ND-3500, and both my Benq drives at 16X write speed.
It’s about equal to my ND-3520A IMO. But at the price, it should be better.
Firmware 1.05 is better, but it still has a long way to go IMO.

Having a 3520, a 1620 and a 716, I will say that I do all my burning on the 716. I don’t burn anything at 16X, because the results (from any of the drives) is inconsistent at best, and the time saved is meaningless. That said, I typically burn at 8X, which “costs” only about 2 minutes, and the quality is extremely consistent on the burns (even with the BenQ - NEC is never very good…). The BenQ however sometimes takes random times to complete 12X or 8X burns, esp. on TYG02 media, which I like. Plex is always “on time” for the speed selected. Leaving PR “ON” is a good thing, in my opinion. Obviously it is there for a reason. It knows when errors have a good chance of rising to unacceptable levels, and slows it down (seconds off the burn, usually). Thats a good thing IMHO.

Anyway, if consistent quality is your first concern, the Plex 716 is a great drive, writing most any good media at 8X very well, and it is usually fine at the higher speeds if PR is left “ON”. My results at 8X have (virtually) without exception been better on the Plextor. Consistently.

That said, the BenQ is a very good drive. A few quirks, but with the new reading speed up, a killer drive.

The NEC 3520, with the new BenQ read speed hack out, has been pulled from my machine - The only merit I was able to see in it was 16X -R/+R reading, and the BenQ has that now.

Edit: FWIW, I pretty much exclusively use -R media. The benQ closes the gap even more (IMO) if doing alot of +R.

Just my 2 cents, after doing alot of testing over the last few months.

  • Chris

Interesting scans, OC-Freak. I have been experimenting with Fujifilm DVD+R 8x (Taiyo Yuden T02) as well and gotten different results. When I tried to burn the TY T02’s at 16x using firmware v1.04, I always got a tidal wave of pie errors at the end of the burn, similar to what you displayed.

However, with firmware v1.05, I am now able to burn at 16x with rather astounding results (sub 20 pie). Could these results be attributed to media variation within the spindle, with the top DVDs being the worst, and the middle being the best? Perhaps? Or perhaps the difference in quality I am witnessing is a result of both the v1.05 update and media variation.

It is difficult to say, but I would burn a second or even third TY T02 from a different area of the spindle (i.e. Middle or bottom) before coming to the conclusion that the Plextor simply can’t burn it well.

Just my 2 cents - ImBAD