OC takes a look at PX-716A firmware 1.05

As some of you know - I was at CeBIT 2005, and spoke to plextor among other companies.

We had a real “hot” discussion where we did not agree for the most part. I asked why plextor could not keep up with other writers for quality and still cost twice the price of other writers?

They did not have a real answer to that - but promised noticeable improvements in next firmware, which is 1.05 that is released now.

Let us take a look at the performance and quality with 1.05. Did they tell the truth?

All tests done with AutoStrategy: ON and PowerRec: OFF (since it prevents the drive from reaching 16x).

MCC 004 at 16x.

Very good, a slight error increase near the end. Almost as good as BenQ and LG with the same media.


Very good - just as good as LG/BenQ.

TDK 003.

Not so good, a noticeable error increase at the end. LG and Benq handles this media a lot better. But still readable at least.

TYG02 @ 16x.

Pretty good, can’t compare directly to LG as LG do not write this media at 16x. About as good as benq with thi media.

Hmm, we’ve heard that one before with the PX-712A and its fw 1.05. It didn’t seem to help the problematic drives much, and obviously the ones that were burning fine already didn’t need any improvements. I wish I had kept the PX-716A(s) I had for a bit longer so I could have tested 1.05 since they had real problems with burn quality above 8x.

YUDEN000T02 (Plextor branded).

Failed badly at the end. Benq have no problems with the same media. LG writes it only at 12x.


Finally supported at 16x. But the quality is so-so. BenQ writes this media with few problems, LG writes this media acceptable as well.

OC-Freak, what is the TLA# of the drive you used for your tests? I have a TLA#203 drive, does it make a difference?

Divedr, the simple answer is that there are good and bad drives with either TLA.

So this is a quality control issue?


Written using Z-CAV tech :Z Else it’s ok, nearly on par with BenQ, LG do not support this media.


Written using Z-CAV :Z
Else it’s mostly ok, better than LG but not as good as Benq.


Failed - I do not currently have other results to compare with as I just got this media.


Not supported at 16x :frowning:


Not supported at 16x :frowning:

CMC CD-R, works ok - but not the best I’ve seen

MCC CD-R - no problems here.

Ritek (Traxdata) CD-R, slight increase at the end - else ok.

OC is there a chance you have a bad drive?

Conclusion: The drive is ok…

…if the drive was priced same as BenQ and most other drives you could say that plextools and the extra features makes up for the lack of media support/writing quality and the drive would have been a good choice.

But now?

I’ll rather pick up two retail benq drives and still have money left compared to buying one retail plextor drive…

Just my opinion.

Removed some posts that got in between some of my tests (want these to stay in the beginning).

Some questions answered:

TLA #0202

Defective? Nope - it’s just a plextor I think :stuck_out_tongue:

Any questions/feedback? just fire away - I’m not afraid and consider myself pretty objective.