OC LTR-40125S to LTR-48125W

Overclocked LiteON 40x to 48x with succes. Used latest firmware R48VS08. BIN and mtkflash.exe.
Thanks for all.

hellooo …

I have one 40125S, it is possible to put him(it) in 48? With the firmware R48VS08?

Anybody can confirm it?

Thank you
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yes you can oc the40s with all 48w firmwares :smiley:

I was on the web site " firmware " but the firmare is there .exe, anybody can send me the firmware to size bin in mail? That would be cool thank you

can u guy’s post a link to where i can dl all the tools that i need ?! i tryed looking here but i didn’t c anything… thx

it got it all hehe… just found it

I saw on liteon firmware 2 firmwares to pass from the 40125S to the 48x:

LTR48125S - 1S01
LTR48125W - VS08

For the 40125S, the two are valid?

Anybody tried?

Thank you:o

Both work, but 1S01 seems to have less media compatibility.

Yes that’s rigt … i’d go with the lastest one…VS08