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hi m8 did you get the email i sent you ?


Yes I got it but I don’t have anything to add. Why not use CCD 4? then it will work with aws anyway…

Beside that we do have a personal message option here :wink:


it works just fine with clone v3.2.3.1 and aws just fine , i did not take to clone v4 very well so i went back to v3 , clone cd v3 and my 24x plex can copy that protection just fine using aws when burning , my problem is nobody believes me , are the people on this forum aware the 24x plextor can clone sd2.51 using aws (without using beta blocker) .
I dont want flamed in the same way i got at gcw .


Originally posted by rabby2
I dont want flamed in the same way i got at gcw .
You won’t :wink: And if you do get flamed just let us know :wink:
Plextor PX-W2410A can clone SafeDisc 2.51. with AWS. Yes we know this but the problem is that its back-ups don’t work in very picky readers like the Tosh 1502 DVD. There have been reports that it does but because I don’t have this writer I cannot test it myself.