OC : 48246S To 52246S Need Help

Hi All ,
I tried to OC My LiteOn 48246S by used mtkflash …and I can do it :bow:
In System Properties they show me …LiteOn 52246S and in Nero DriveSpeed …can detect at 52X but in Nero when I choose the recorder …they saw only 8X Speed …
My firmware was SS08 update to SS09 and OC to 52X Firmware 6S02 and Update firmware to 6S07.

What’s wrong with mtkflash or Nero…Anyone help?

Thanks for your knowledge…and sorry for my English


tmunguy, what media are you using that only gives you the 8x speed? What was the speed you could burn at before overclocking?
Try checking the speed Nero will burn the media at by using the smart-burn utility available from the Liteon site http://www.liteonit.com.tw/index-english.htm.

Or get it here: http://liteon.notrix.net


Originally posted by Dyzan
[B]Or get it here: http://liteon.notrix.net

/Dyzan [/B]

Thanks Dyzan. I did not include your site in my post because it was down earlier today. You have done a great job on the web page and I check it religiously for updates. Well done!

NP. I’m here to help. :wink:


Before I overclock …when I choose the recoder in Nero …they will show my cd maximum is 48x (and I can burn at 48x too)but when I overclock …they show only 8X …

I will using smart-burn …for check it …



um. thats a weird 1… what version of nero are u using? maybe re-install it or install latest version?

I used Nero 55917 …sometime the show me maximum speed is 40x sometime 48X…maybe I should reinstall it :confused:

anyway thanks for all suggestion :bigsmile:


This is a result for Smatr-Burn Media Check Simulator V 2.1

This Disc is designed for CD-RW/COMBO Drive Only.
Disc Type, Material = CD-R, Phthalocyanine
ATIP Lead-in = 97m 26s 66f
Norminal Capacity = 702.82MB (79m 59s 71f)
Disc Manufacturer maybe = CMC,Imation
SMART-BURN Speed Limit = 52X

But In Nero 55917 …Show Max Speed 16X…Hummmmm
I think I have a problem with Nero…


48X to 52X… yeah okay. I don’t think its even worth the effort cowboy.

Don’t be sorry for your english, seem fine to me.

anyway …it’s worth to learn overclock …experience is worth than speed for me…

Thanks for every suggestion …

tmunguy :bigsmile: :bow: