Obtained pioneer 206, anydvd hd, blank blu rays, what else do I need :)

Long time lurker, there is craziness here I cant yet understand like all the disc scanning you guys do and all the graphs, but I can clearly see this is the best spot to get some great advice, i remember when it was cd freaks lol

I want to rip, resize blu ray files to create a jukebox of movies for my personal collection. Back ups on 25 gb blu rays. Running windows 7 64bit, have anydvd hd, verbatim 6x single layer blank blu rays, what software do I need or want now? I have plenty of hds. What’s the best backup, transcoding, streaming to ps3, blu ray ripping, burning, etc, I need a complete studio here, good technical, just new to blu. Want better than DVD, want hd, but want to make the files more digital happy sized without losing significant quality, so I need settings and codec advice too… Thanks :slight_smile:

Will be doing 3 files, split over two 25gb discs for master backups (file only perhaps), a slightly compressed 10-25 gb digital pc jukebox hd version for jukebox watching, and the iPad 2 edition file. Re editing smallvile or other bloated tv shows down to lose the lame parts a plus! But the latter is not a need, only a desire.

So it’s mostly a software advice thead, I’ve mastered hardware with my custom i7 power build. Point me in the right direction, I can handle the details, looking for the 2011 definitive software answers, and do I need to flash my drive, drivers, etc.

Welcome SezeMakto.

You’ve got a good start with AnyDVD HD. It is my preferred decryption program for blu ray. The best compression program to go with that is called BD Rebuilder. It is free to use, and can produce output for 25gb blank bd-r disks, or reduce the size to fit double or single layer dvds. You can also set it to produce custom size output. BD Rebuilder can also make mkv files if you prefer, and has output settings for your iPad. Look in my signature for a link to a basic guide on BD Rebuilder. Development has continued at a rapid pace with this program, but the guide is still relevant on setting up the program and basic usage.

You’ll need to set BD Rebuilder to Alternate Movie Only mode to make mkv or compatible files for your iPad. BD Rebuilder uses the X264 encoder, so everything you make with the program will be in H264, with one exception. BD Rebuilder can also produce dvd-video, and uses HCenc for that. But that doesn’t seem to be something you want.

If you’d like to try some other programs for compression or producing iPad files, look at Ripbot264, Handbrake, BluRip, or MeGui. All of them use the X264 encoder however, and differ mostly in their user interface.

The best program for burning Blu ray is ImgBurn. Also free to download and use.

I don’t do streaming to a PS3, so others may have advice for you on that subject. PS3 Media Server does seem to be a popular program for this, but not something I can help with.

Splitting blu ray movies, or editing out sections is not simple, and there are not many good options for free. A multi-episode tv series disk might prove to be especially difficult to work with. Some tools that might help would include ClownBD, to extract the main movie as an m2ts file, tsSniper to cut sections and output as a new .ts file, and tsMuxeR to put it all back together in blu ray format.

Good stuff, thanks, of course free is great when it’s just as good, but I’m not adverse to spending a few bucks if it’s needed to get this right. I would rather have a nice polished way to do some things than not, but if the free stuff is just as good I can put the rest away for that monster intel ssd I want!

From what I gather Any DVD is the only real blu ray decoding game in town that’s updated often. I use it based off of the ability to play straight to the movie alone, I hate wading through menus and such, which is part of my desire to build a jukebox of movies, or my movie server pc. I buy all my moves, so I dont feel guilty in watching them the way I want.

Double layer blank blu rays are up there on amazon, so I don’t think that is much of an option for my pc, but single is ok price wise. I gathered I don’t want lth blu rays, they seem to not be really much cheaper on amazon and there is the fact of compatibility and longevity issues.

The great thing about ps3 besides streaming ( 360 to a less degree) is that you can compress a blu ray to double layer DVD keeping the hd codac and resolution, the result is something like watching a streamed hd movie I gather, and the ps3 is a codec beast and will play stuff like this. DVD codec is horribly outdated. For sound compression issues alone.

Quick notes on my new ipad 2…

Not a mac guy anymore due to my love of blu ray, pc games, building my own pc hardware, anydvd, windows 7, trimmed ssds, etc, but I feel the iPad 2 is the best place for my former apple love to run wild, typing now on my iPad 2, I should do my bluetooth keyboard on it, but just chillin in bed in the morning with it is something I would never do with a keyboard or laptop as much.

The dual processors, aluminum premium build and ips screen sells it for me, tn screen laptops like the macbook even are less pretty no matter the speed increase. But with speed comes with, however slight, more bulk. Not to mention that trim is not supported Mac, making the extra money you would spend (1200 plus) on a MacBook less appealing, cause you know I’ll want to rock an ssd in a laptop.

All this makes a 500 dollar portable window to the net all the better, with top notch battery life. I can deal with the fact that its a smart phone on steroids and not a laptop, cause that’s what my desktop is for. I can build a flux capacitor into a desktop if i wanted to, but i hardly need to go 88 miles per hour in my portable. And dual processor tablets are getting so good, it’s close enough. The speaker is quite nice for what it is too, I often put on a podcast to surf the web, or while half browsing half watching tv, every mans lazy dream! That all said, if the MacBook Air gets OLED or IPS LCD screens, plus trim and i5 processors, I may reconsider what’s the best portable device, but for now it’s my iPad 2. The only thing I can think of that comes close is an uber expensive ssd based Sony laptop.

Wow , didn’t know about the time limit for editing, I was going to better present the above post, but now you will all just have to suffer! LoL