Obtain "System Image" if formatted disk?



The school of hard knocks is where I’m learning:
I recently re-installed W-7 Pro successfully but in downloading a driver update program, I believe an unscrupulous group in helping me download, might have infected my machine with something in order to sell a tune-up service. I decided I needed to re-re-install the O/S, only this time re-format the disks to get rid of whatever was slowing down the machine. I did too good a job reformatting, all disks were reformatted in the early stages of re-installing the O/S. As a result, the installation program couldn’t “Expand Window Files”. I am being asked for a “System Image”, and I don’t have one. My question: Where do I now get a “System Image”?

I want to avoid a repair shop because of limited finances. Can I buy a “System Image” disk on eBay? My machine is a Lenovo M-90, I had Microsoft Windows 7 Pro 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 Build 7601.


You can do a clean install of Windows using one of these downloads: http://superuser.com/questions/78761/where-can-i-download-windows-7-legally-from-microsoft


Thanks for responding, I’ll try the web address you recommended!


I got my W7 64 .ISO at the site olyteddy posted.
I just needed it to make a recovery console DVD but it worked fine.
I assume if doing a full install it would work with your windows product key.