Observation: Ritek now has two premium DVD-R series with Japanese MIDs

SmartBuy Depot US is selling the Ritek Pro series 50-pack cakebox with MXLRG04 (Maxell) MID for $26 (free shipping)
but they also sell the “Legend with Pro” series 50-pack cakebox with TYG03 (Taiyo Yuden) MID, which is produced by Ritek for Japan Disc, for just $17 (free shipping).

Interestingly, SmartBuy Depot US (perhaps quoting Ritek/Japan Disc?) only claims “AAA grade” and “excellent compatibility” for the TYG03 discs, while also claiming “AZO Dye”, “(extremely) low PIE” and “long archival life” for the MXLRG04 discs.

CDRLabs has done a review of the Ritek Pro discs with scans. I don’t know if the Legend with Pro discs have ever been reviewed. It would be interesting if someone could compare these discs (even more interesting if they could be compared with FTI and CMC Pro :wink: ) It certainly is interesting that we now have not only TYG03 discs being manufactured by two different Taiwanese optical disc producers but also two different Ritek premium/professional DVD series.