Observation on my 755A - single spikes

Hi Folks!

I’m pretty happy with the burning quality of my 755A on TYG02, but I have some trouble with it burning Verbatim MCC004.
When scanning the DVDs with my BenQ drives, I get pretty good results - but when I scan the same disc in my LiteOn 165P6S or in my older LiteOn 1693, I nearly always get ONE single high PIF spike at ~7 PIF max.
My Benqs show top quality!

  1. This happens as well with AS ON or AS OF.

  2. At first, I thought I have found a solution: burned the DVD+R with PowerRec OFF seems to have fixed this - no spikes and pretty good scannes in all of my drvies. But yesterday I burned another DVD and here is the problem again…

Can anyone explain this?

Scan with PIF Spike and As OFF:

Scan without PIF spike and As -OFF and PR-OFF

Max 7 PIF spikes in LiteOn scans are what you get at OPC points with 755/760 drives. You’re lucky to get only one spike :wink:


The scans you showed me are horrible! :eek:

Are these spikes “real”, so, do they really exist or are the only visible to LiteOn scans? My BenQ doesn’t see them, you know…
My transfer rate tests are perfect on all disc,

If these OPC points are similar to what is described by [B]DrageMester[/B] here with NEC drives relinking points scanned on Lite-ON, then yes, it is probably real. Some drives may have readability issues as a result of the OPC points but if none of your intended playback devices show issues, then it won’t be a problem for you.


Maybe it would be best to follow the advice of [B]rdgrimes[/B] in that thread :slight_smile:

I’ve had the Sony (= Lite-On) choke on them. Would have bought another of these drives for €59 (retail box) when I had the opportunity, cause I quite like Plextor, but these spikes really put me off.

P.S. I don’t often scan with BenQ, but in PlexTools they usually show up as value 4 in a SUM1 PI/PO test.