Oblivion - can't 'see' disk in drive

I have a problem where certain Dvd’s can’t bee seen! I installed oblivion (original DVD) recently and running fine, all dvd’s seen ok, I then upgraded to an x2 4600 AMD, fresh install of xp and al seems fine…now I comr to reinstall oblivion and the pc can’t ‘see’ the disk, populate shows nothing, the oblivion disk works fine elsewhere, other original DVD’s work fine in the pc.

Computer cannot also see backup dvd’s so I supsect some kind of copy protection conflict ? but the oblivion game dvd is an original !!!

any ideas, other than a re-install and hope for the best ?

thanks in advance.

Welcome jase_one,

I moved your thread as it doesn’t sound like a protection problem.

You could try this as an alternative.
I use daemon tools 4.06 and I just mount the oblivion iso
This way I can leave the original disk in the package.
I don’t remember how I ripped the iso, it’s been awhile.

How should that help him???
He has stated that he has the Oblivion DVD and not some image or ISO.


please start up in SAFE MODE and check if you can explore the DVD.
If not, you may need to re-install the ide drivers or make sure you have not installed some problematic software like Alcohol and InCD.

thanks for the ideas, but I think I have sorted it now, put in a spare DVD drive and all works fine !.. No idea why some dvd’s / cd’s would work and not others though on the dvd writer. Laser strength?..I had latest firmawre upgraded to try that and a fresh install of XP !! Looks like I just had a picky drive!! …now wheres that warranty gone???

thanks all