? Objective Video Quality Comparison App


I’m trying to compress the videos from my digital camera with XviD because they take up way too much space in the camera’s native MJPEG format.

What I need is a way to compare the quality of the compressed video to that of the original. I am looking for an app that can compare the two vids and give me some sort of easy to use and understand rating of whether or not the compressed one is good enough.

No, I can’t just look at them both and do an A/B(/X) comparison because it would take forever. I need a way of automating the process (objective comparison), and if possible I would like the app to have a batch compare function.

I have only been able to find three such apps: MSU’s Video Quality Measurement Tool, Georgios Diamantopoulos’ Video Quality Studio, and Semaca’s VQLab.

VQMT seems pretty good and has a bunch of different metrics, but it doesn’t seem to display the results after the comparison and I can’t find any useful information on interpreting the CSV file.

VQS crashes outright and I can’t get it to work at all.

VQLab is a commercial app, seems to only support a couple of metrics, and it too has no helpful information on interpreting its results.

Does anyone know of a good object video quality compare app?

Thanks a lot.