Obamas stimulus speech tonight

PRESIDENT OBAMA preaching to the choir tonight in a crowd
made up mostly of democrats in VIRGINA, blamed his detractors
for the delay in the passage of his stimulus bill. MR. OBAMA blamed
the republicans for the delay,and the blind applauded accordingly.
Besides his forceful shouting, his flubs reminded me of another’
PRESIDENT in which his party continually pointed out any flub
he made in a speech. So I am changing my previous grade so
far too an f+.

I watched his speech and didn’t hear him say anything of substance. It was just like his campaign speeches. Long on non-specifics and nothing about why spending $1 trillion dollars on pork projects, condoms, dog parks, welfare checks disguised as tax refunds, global warming research, blah, blah blah… will solve our problems. He can’t tell us because he didn’t have any hand in writing the bill! If he keeps this up the public is going to turn on him fast and in the worst way. All his fluff talk isn’t cutting it anymore.

The worst thing that can happen to him is this bill gets passed without bipartisan support because it simply will not work and he will get all the blame for it. With bipartisan support he can say Republicans voted for the stimulus bill too when it fails and it will fail miserably. I wonder if the Republicans are dumb enough to fall for the trick.

Another thing, these Democrats have been hammering these executives about wasteful spending and they took a trip to a resort at a HUGE EXPENSE just to have a circle jerk for TV. Talk about hypocrisy at its finest. They could have done this at any number of places in Washington, DC and drove themselves to the event and then back to their homes. Instead they chartered a train, paid for high dollar rooms for them and their staff/family and all the security expense for what purpose? Sure, these people need to be preaching to the private sector when they are far worse offenders than than the people they are complaining about. If you don’t believe me then look at the debt the government has run up compared to Citi, BofA etc. COMBINED!