Obamas first presidential decisions

I and others in the forum were told by some in the forum
to give OBAMA a chance. Well from his first presidential
decisions I have to give him an F. His decision to close
GUANTANAMO prison is his first mistake. We know from
the first prisoners they released they went right back to their
attacks on our soldiers in IRAQ,and AFGHANISTAN . His second
decision to repeal the clean air act here in CALIFORNIA, is going
to result in the state legislatures being able to raise any fees,
they deem effects the enviorment. This will me higher smog emission
fees,higher taxes on gasoline,etc…Next he wants to bring back
soldiers from IRAQ with in six months? So my point is from his first
decisions[and god knows what else he’s going to do?] To those of
you who see him as your MESSIAH or something. All I have to say
to you is OBAMA your mama.

Doesn’t this qualify as bashing? Granted, they are your opinions, but no one here has ever called him a messiah.

Closing Gitmo will get rid of the black eye that has been put on it since it came to light that the amount of torture that has taken place there. The timetable for complete withdrawl of combat troops in Iraq is mid-2010 (that was Bush’s doing, not President Obama’s), so bringing some of them back to have some time with their family before being redeployed to Afghanistan is not only a good idea but the law, especially since they should have never been in Iraq in the first place.

Don’t you enjoy the idea of cleaner air, especially since there is scientific evidence that less pollution equates to a longer, healthier life? So you are putting a dollar amount on someone’s life?

I support clean air. Do you?

It was only his first week but it sure looks like that “well oiled machine” the press has bragged over sure could use some more oil. This stimulus plan he is pushing seems to have anything but “stimulus” in it. If he thinks the government can spend us out of this economic mess then the [B]entire world[/B] is in for long term economic misery. He also appears to be bailing on his promise to work across the isle with Republicans. I just hope the Republicans grow a spine and fight this stimulus bill. It is more pork than anything else.

Zap, I feel sorry for the hard working people of California because they are going to be assaulted with one new tax/fee after another. The Democrats in control there along with Arnie (a RINO delux) will never give up the green programs or entitlements to reduce the state budget. I wouldn’t be surprised if this move to delay state income tax refunds will be extended and extended until they finally just keep the refunds completely.

He just put the kybosh on Space Defense. Everyone else will be able to shoot or fly their satellites into ours by we won’t be able to return the favor. I hope he doesn’t mess with the Aries program or certain members who think we don’t have a space program will be right. But then again if we have to depend on the Russians so will everyone else. How the gas glowing lately? It makes me wonder what the military is using to get people into space, I don’t believe the shuttle is it.

The Californians created their own mess by not allowing property taxes to be raised, so they raised tax on everything else. Califoria is the 8th largest economy in the world, for some of you who feel America is on her last leg. That’s where all those nice Mercedes Benz’s and cool looking Japanese cars are styled.

I understand what you are saying. However if you are saying
we have a problem with the world because,of the way the
terrorist’s[ excuse me enemy combatants as the press would
call them] were treated at GUANTANAMO then your blind. The
terrorist’s [or insurgents as the press would call them] would
behead are soldiers, feed them nothing,tie their hands,blindfold
them, and the rest of the world just as with the rest of the U.N.
said nothing. The prisoners at GUANTANAMO were given three
meals a day,prayer privledges,books,etc. If that’s what you call
torture give me a break. Also as for the lifting of the clean air band
as UTR said ARNIE, and the dem’s just like they do in SAN FRANCISCO
are going to charge higher fees on anything they deem causes global
warming, or pollution. The problem is the opinions are one-sided, and
any scientist’s which are many of them don’t agree with them are
not allowed to speak out.

I guess Arnie already has targets for his tax increases. Click Here. I wonder what he and the Dems will do now that Obama has given them autonomy to enact their own emission regulations.

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More inflammatory comments.
You were warned.

I have not gone over this whole site so I don’t know how accurate it is but it looks pretty interesting to keep track of the promises.


[QUOTE=MegaDETH;2206665]I have not gone over this whole site so I don’t know how accurate it is but it looks pretty interesting to keep track of the promises.


Checked it out last night. Didn’t know he made 511 promises all together.

Just wonder how long they will keep track before they get tired of it.

I would consider the lobbyist one a broken promise. You either do it across the board or you don’t. The one time he doesn’t makes it a broken promise. By this reasoning he won’t have any that were “Not Kept” because possibly doing just one instance can make it fall into the “Compromise” category. Also, some of the ones classified as “Kept” really don’t belong there. It is far to early to say he has complied with all five they listed. I might say two of the five should be there. I agree that this is a waste of time because I doubt it will be a fair assessment. The press has given us little reason to trust them on anything relating to Obama.

Obama has stated himself that he will not be able to keep all promises.
He probably doesn’t even remember half of them, at least here he has a place to go look himself and see what they were.

[QUOTE=bean55;2206731]Obama has stated himself that he will not be able to keep all promises.
He probably doesn’t even remember half of them, at least here he has a place to go look himself and see what they were.[/QUOTE]

Then he shouldn’t have made so many, IMO. What good is a promise that you never expect to keep? All these politicians do the same thing. He is just the latest and knows we, the public, won’t hold him accountable.