Obama will likely delay DTV switch

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As President-elect Barack Obama prepares to take over the United States this week, his transition team is reportedly interested in delaying the switch from analog to digital TV in a few months.

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Bad move I think. There have been loads of warnings about this. Some people are just prone to pracrastination or oblivious. I think waiting a few more months will change that. They just have to bit the bullet and flip the switch.

Some people won’t switch until they have no other choice. Just do the switch. Delaying won’t solve anything.

The thing I have been reading that makes a delay a good idea, is that there are some differences in thse digital stations. For instance, the towers are in different spots and also the signals may be weaker. this could necessitate the installlation of a new rooftop antena. For folks to be scampering around on their roof in February- might not be the safest thing to be doing, with the snow and ice. They should have waited until summer as this would be MUCH more pleasant to do and even could be a lot of good temp jobs for college kids etc, that could be able to install these new antennas.

I don’t have TV I use the internet, but I am in favor for the delay. I used to use broadcast as it was the only option at the time I moved where I live now, so for years I put up with snowy TV. Tried begging the cable company to install in our area and did petitions with no luck. Then in the mid 90’s digital satellite was born. In the late 90’s, I think 1998 we finally got digital satellite when it got cheaper and all was saved Then last year our phone company (Verizon ) upgraded our phone system to DSL and I saw the light to IPTV and other means of TV if you get my drift??? The satellite company (Both Dishnet Work and Directv) Pi$$ed me off and I dropped my service and just bought dvds and then the DSL gave me access to everything. That’s my story hope I didn’t bore you but I am bored and felt like typing.

Any Who, Crabby made a VERY VERY VERY good safety point. People will go on there roofs to install new better antenna to get there TV working for the switch, and people will fall off their roofs and either injure them selves or even DIE And I know this from personal experience of this danger, so they need to delay it to the summer when it’s safer. And BLAH BLAH BLAH…

So save a tree and save a human or we could be doom’n

Just do it. Joe Sixpak will never be ready…

Amen Old3eyes… what a sham. Its hard enough to get 1 person to show up to work on time, let alone OVER 350 MILLION to purchase a special (“magical”) box for their TV’s, when they are still intangled with cave-man tactics of positioning bunny ears. This is the all encompassing problem of government on all levels; they madate something, run out of money (GASP! just print more… pathetic) then change their minds, and then decide to hand out even more welfare based tv (food) vouchers like America somehow needs another hand out in order to sustain their TV addiction.

Since when was plopping down in front of a television a right that the government was meant to uphold and defend? Free speech, the right to own arms, assembly… sure… sure… but um, a subsidized program that promotes a certain signal for broadcasting becomes a nanny state dictated policy that is backed by tax-payer (government) dollars? Riiiight.

At any rate, I’m sure this will be the first massively impactful policy Barry places into effect once he is christened, of many to come. Perhaps in the first week of his presidency he can also tackle daunting social and economical critical issues such as, where the socks go in the dryer, and perhaps if he has time between photo shoots for every known magazine and news network, he can also form a special committee to look into creating a 98th version of a bailout for folks who just can’t afford 72’’ plasma HDTV’s to go with their shiny new convertor box.


I have been following this transition from Analogue Broadcast to Digital broadcast ever since it was just a thought and that was eons ago (donkey years ago). Back then the date was set so far in the future that it seemed the date would never come. Then as it drew close they moved it. Then they moved it again. Now they want to move it again. Geeees! JUST DO IT ALREADY.
There will ALWAYS be a GOOD reason to delay. You can’t make an omlette without breaking a few eggs. You will never be able to please Everybody. Just do what needs to be done.

I agree, the switchover should proceed on schedule in February. No idea why tax payer dollars are funding these digital converter boxes, but at least I picked up 2 of them for myself using “the program”.

Let’s see what “Barry” does indeed…

I like that Viper…I rode in an ACR once last summer; most amazing car I’ve ever been in. So fast it was literally scary. Thanks for the response, I am just one of those ole’ fashioned people that thinks tax dollars should fund things like road repair and national defense… not the unalienable right to watch your 5 o’clock news and catch some re-runs of Frazier. Call me crazy…

Agreed. Procrastination is the downfall of the individual AND the collective, I think whether it concerns finance, goals, work, education, or government, delaying objectives will obviously never produce a fruitful end result.

Personally, I think it should be scrapped altogether. The vast majority of the US population is satisfied with analog and can’t see any difference even in high def. The move was purely about political greed, as they’re taking frequencies from the TV band and selling them (which is where the coupons come from they don’t come from tax money).

IF it has to happen it should be delayed at least 10 years from the date when equipment with analog-only tuners could no longer be sold. After all, the equipment has a life expectancy of more than a couple of years, and it’s been less than a year since the real efforts began to get the word out to the less technically inclined who will be most likely affected.

I’m surprised the environmentalists haven’t gotten in on this. When the transition happens, there are going to be a lot of extra TVs in bedrooms and such that don’t have cable even if the household does, that will likely end up being thrown away. That’s a huge waste problem, and it’s perfectly good equipment. There was no good reason for the government to mandate a switch, leave it to the marketplace.

Good point Crabby however I think may be moot. If anyone’s current antennae can already receive analog stations (even poorly) then it will get the digital stations much better. No one should need to add stronger antaennae. You also do not need to do any alignment of the antannae like you do with analog.
I am in Montreal and my father just bought his 1st HDTV. He has always had an rooftop antenna, getting excellent analog reception from the US stations just below the border, Burlington, Plattsburg etc… which are at least 70 miles away.
Every US digital station comes in crystal clear. One of the PBS stations that has always come in all snowy in analog is pristine in digital. I’m not so sure their digital transmitter is any closer than the analog one from my distance.

If you don’t have cable or satellite tv, the odds are that you already have an antenna. Any UHF antenna will pick up the digital signal, since most are transmitted UHF, so all that person needs is a converter box. There are a few that transmitt VHF but that will probably change when they switch over since the goverment has already sold out the frequencies below UHF for a big chunk of dough (funny, and they still ran out of money to give people a coupon for a converter box???). So, I see no need to delay it and I see no safety concerns either. The transmitt towers are the same in my area and even so, you can go to this website and find out where they all are.


  1. Click choose antenna
  2. then zipcode or address
  3. Continue

It will then show a chart with tower location by degrees. For my area, I have towers in opposite locations so I had to get an antenna that could receive on the back end some.

Dentman, I like your quote… leave it to the market place. I am a believer in Capitalism (obviously, since we live in America and have rectified every single roadblock towards achieving the optimal human condition that every other country subscribing to socialism throughout all of history hasen’t) but in a small part, of course I also support any advancement towards technological empowerment and crawling out of the trenches of the 1940’s television signal. It’s 2009 for crying out loud, all we can do is watch YouTube on our cell phones, and squeeze extra lines of resolution out of a TV. Where are the flying cars and robots that clean up after I break a glass!? HAHAH! :wink:

The government is paying for the boxes because television is their propaganda delivery system. This is the main tool used to control the masses by our beloved Federal caretakers.

It is even against the law to prohibit someone from receiving a television signal. I cannot fly an American flag on a pole in front of my house due to covenances, but I can raise any god awful looking monstrosity and even perch it on my roof- IF it is for receiving a TV signal. And not a damn thing can be done about it.

Many people do indeed “fear” (be against) what they don’t understand.
Yet it’s hard to see how anyone can be against an anolugue to digital move. Those persons are like analogue players in a digital world. Many of the “things” we have come to enjoy and “depend” on are compliments of the digital age. GSM cell phones, MP3 music, divix movies, DVDs, CDs, WIFI… The list is really Long.
Yes there is money involved. But that does not mean the move is Bad. The use of Analogue signals is such an Enormous Waste of the Radio spectrum that hard to imagine how anyone can embrace them. That aside, there are many real problems with analogue signals. Poor reception, ghosting, snowing, adjacent channel interference, fading, poor color reproduction, bleeding of colors etc. In a digital world you either get it or you don’t. And I would like to think that in time you would all get it.

That said. Reusing the spectrum with digital signals would open up a whole new world of wireless communication in many different forms. There would be more corporate competition and cost would come down for wireless services while providing more value to us the consumer.

Why must Progress be viewed as such a bad thing.

I think progress can be skewed (not viewed) as a bad thing, because there will always be a strong contingent of whiners and technological infants who refuse to see the World as anything but flat. You’re right hercules, Digital or nothing - I for one believe that any step or leap towards proliferating our knowledge and applied sciences to improve the value of life and leisure is a worthy cause.

  1. Just beacuse you can get great analog reception does NOT mean you get good digital reception with the same antenna. That’s pure FUD. I get great analog reception from my roof top antenna on all the local channels, but I can only get 2 of their digital signals in a watchable form.

  2. Why does everybody believe that digital is automatically better than analog? Our eyes and ears are analog. Analog allows infinite values (ie an infinite number of steps between 1 volt and 2 volts) whereas digital always has a fixed number. Therefore digital ALWAYS induces distortion. Compression makes it worse. Analog audio/video of sufficient resolution/bandwidth is ALWAYS superior to digital. That’s the reason many audiophiles still prefer vinyl records to CDs (granted, their turntables cost thousands, even tens of thosands of dollars).

  3. Flying cars have been in development. The tech is there, but there’s no market for it, so there’s no money to bring it to production. Robots also failed to catch on, well before the development of small flying cleanup robots. The core technology is there, there’s just not enough incentive to develop it into a mass-market product.