Oak Technology develops CD-R protection



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Source: Oak Technology

"As the dominant provider of compact disc recording controller and software technology for six of the top seven CD-RW drive manufacturers, Oak recognizes the need of…

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So they putting the protections in to the drives now? Anyone else think that’s pretty stupid. How the hell are they going to protect shit that way? I don’t get it at all…


Like if we’re ever gonna buy Oak drives :wink:


Oak delivers the parts for most of the CDRW drives. It’s very likely you have a CDRW drive which has OAK parts in it. So it’s not THAT stupid.

Well, that’s keeping my good old plextor for a while until there are affordable DVD writers.


You be warned now for OAK produkts.


So as I understand… Chips in my (future) cd-rw, will detect if the cd to be copied is copy protected by the little piss protection and abort the write process? So what, it’ll take two seconds for someone to find out how to crack the protection on the cd, so that the (patched) image file isn’t protected, and then the drive doesn’t recognise it. Or am I wrong? Because I certainly hope that the drive can copy unprotected cds, if they can’t, then they’re not gonna sell very well…


I read this about 30 minutes, before i wrote this and i’m still laughing, what da fck are thinking of, if they do that sht “We are enhancing CD-RW drive electronics to facilitate the protection of CD-based content.”, they are on the bottom list of the most buyed cdrw machines, whith this crap they only have on way out, shut down, and go park cars for a living…


Ther has always been a way and there will always be a way and only a fool would think that it can be stopped. What is this man thinking, that we are just gonna roll over and die. You wanna prtect something asshole, PROTECT THIS! fujitso man !!!


Wow, a brand spanking new protection, all you need is to make a hacked firmware that disables the chip & boom.


Hmmm… lemme get this straight… They want to put some protection into a CDRW drive so that it can’t copy CDs? Doesn’t that kind of defeat the purpose of owning a CDRW?


Hmm… Theres alwayz patches…

Something sounds wrong with that… Putting chips in CDRW or even DVD writers isnt going to stop shit… Lets mail these fucks some of the hacked firmware and tell them to shove their protection up there ass… Better yet, send it to the developers so they wont buy into their protection plans…


Sweet! Some days will go and then some hacker will hack this fucking program! These protections is only money burning! Now only wait for hacked firmware!


Heheh, thats is some wacked out crap isnt it? How long before there is a market for replacement chips out there. Just like the mod chips for the playstation. Either someone will hace a firmware upgrade or make a new chip to solder in there. Besides, other manufacturers will recognize the potential to boost their profits by selling CDRW that dont have the protection. They will get all the business from us and OAK can go screw themselves.


Apply some brain retards… what is actually being suggested isnt simply a cdrw drive with a chip but by working with new media (perhaps 1 gig cds…). Similar to Sony memory stick technology. Everyone then runs out and buys a brand new cd drive that can deal with the new cds and everyone wins - especially Oak… duh
Mailing them cracked firmware is a great idea ?!not…