O & O Defrg 10 Pro FREE!



Fill out This form to get serial and download from Here

Get it while you can.


Thanks Doc :flower:



just received my serial :slight_smile:


No problem I didn’t realize how old this version was though but hey free is free.


Yo doc-

Good find - thank you-eh


Thank you Dr. Who


They even have the 64bit for free!

I am in!


What advantages, if any, are there to Windows defrag?


Sweet . . . thanks.


Thanks Dr. Who,


I’ve been using Auslogics disk defrag for a few years, its improved quite a bit and its already free :slight_smile:

Auslogics disk defrag


Yo eric93se-

Thanks for the link bra-

Much superior to the Smart Defrag I was using - AND - it has the ‘shut down computer’ after finishing feature too-eh!!


Thanks to you too Eric :flower:, just downloaded it - always nice to have different options to try!


www.mydefrag.com :wink:


In the advanced setting of Auslogics disk defrag, it allow you to move system files to the begining of the disk (where its fastest).