O&O Defrag

I’ve recently installed this program. I have also recently noticed a slow down of my computer especially when trying to navigate around in internet explorer 7. Could the program be a factor in this or could there be something more sinister going on here? haha Any help is appreciated.


Is it just here at CDF’s? The site is running slow for me here in Missouri.

Actually, it is here mostly, now that you mention it. It has been going on a day or so for me. Very annoying.

Started on me yesterday. I thought i had lost my bandwidth to Azureus but that just doesn’t happen :disagree:

Ok, good to know it isn’t just me or my computer. Thank you

I use O&O Defrag and haven’t noticed any issues with it. I aven’t noticed a slowdown in anything I’m running. I did see some others complain about the speed here over the weekend.

I use O&O, great program, have never had any problems with it. Slowdown at CDF, started for me this AM, but not having problems anywhere else yet.

are running any scheduled defrags? havent had any problems with O&O either

I used to be a devoted O&O user untill Ii found UltimateDefrag. I reluctantly tryed it. It gave me a very substantial performance inprovement.

in version 10 of O&O and i was wondering if there’s a way to not add the o&o process to the startup? i looked in the settings but didnt see anything…i removed icon…but cant remove the process

There is an option in Settings —> General to keep the icon from showing up in the tray.

Just go to Services in Windows and set it to manual.

Another way is to disable startup programs is through Windows Defender.