O my god

did any of you see this?


i cant beleive it, its its, holy sh#@#, its all i can say

how did ewe find this…hardy har har.?

Unbelievable. Petting sheep my A#s!!

its a baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad cover story

Okay that’s enough Baaaaaaaaaad sheep jokes.

This is one side of the story, wait until we hear the story from the sheep side, maybe he was invited. :stuck_out_tongue:

That sheep may just have been a slut.

was he wearing wellies ( so the Sheep cant run away ) :eek:

Not only name but also adress, how nice of them. What about his phone number and email adress and why not his social security number too?

Reminds me of why kilts are so popular in Scotland…Sheep can hear zippers a 100 yards away


Wonder how Mr. Englar would do on the sheep test?

im sure the sheep will seek vengance



looking for a good time?

That’s a very tail tale sign for the sheep to get ready.

im just glad i dont have anything made of wool

Hey, that was pulled from my local daily paper! :slight_smile: I thought the link looked awfully familiar. LOL - And no - it wasn’t me! :stuck_out_tongue:

Well he wasn’t Sheepish was he!!!

maybe your local paper should build a strip club?

also, r u shure?

Wonder what that hillbillys mother inlaws name was??Dolly?