O.M.G mothership has landed

Sweet title eh!:wink:

After what seems like a decade, I have finally hit the touchdown pad and will be given keys to me new 2 bedroomed flat on the 20th of this month. Even better they have complied with lots of issues I bought up and have addressed them all:bigsmile: Still a little bit of work for them to finish, a new extactor fan in the kitchen, at the moment just a round hole where the old one had beenlots of hunting down the big black legged spiders and putting them out of their misery, not sharing me flat with them :eek: They had fixed a window and now they can’t open it:confused: lol. As it’s a government run housing project they take care of everything, and I will be given a month to decorate and move into me new place before I have to vacate my current abode.:stuck_out_tongue:

Greetz Intercept…:smiley:

Me telecoms provider are going to t/f me fone no and me broadband to me new line at no cost to me. Confidential purposes :bigsmile: