O.j. Sentenced to jail time

Finally the juice has run dry. Judge sentences him
to 16 years in prison for vegas robbery. Is this
justice? or just more racism?

I’m not really sure what to think about this whole situation. I still feel like this is payback for his acquittal for the murder charges…

There’s nothing wrong with a little payback, IMO. This episode just shows me how out of control he can get. Probably so out of control he could nearly decapitate his wife and kill her male friend in a jealous rage.

You are right. However though I know if you
believe he got away with murder like a lot of
people do. Then the BROWNS,and THE GOLDMANS
got a little justice. After going over this case myself,
[without rehashing it] I can see no other way. It pointed
only to him. The question of the bloody gloves that were
found and didn’t fit him, are always a question for the
nay sayers that it was racism. Which I never believed.

Very uncool, now how is he going to find Nicole’s killers? :bigsmile:

That’s the point . He found the killer a long time
ago. He looked in the mirror.

[quote=zap em;2170720]:(:(JAMESCOOLEY
That’s the point . He found the killer a long time
ago. He looked in the mirror.
ZAP it was a joke:). OJ always claimed that he would keep searching for the killers.

OJ is a broken man. Even though I dont agree with the things he did, I really dont think he ever really got away with anything. Had he been convicted the first time he would have been out already. :wink:

Alan, I tend to disagree. He was arguably more famous after he was acquitted than before. He had a cult following that stroked his ego. He was constantly trying to get himself in the public’s eye. This bastardized version of fame he has was how he put this posse together to rob his victims in Vegas. I watched the statement he made today and it was all about how he did nothing wrong and never thought he was breaking the law when he was committing the crimes. You should watch it. It is quite telling, IMO. He got far less than what he deserved today. Also, you should listen to the interview with the Goldmans after the sentencing. There were OJ fans near them that were yelling insults at them telling them they were gold diggers etc. It was pathetic watching behave in the manner they did.

ALANS right had he been convicted. I believe it would
have been for second degree murder. So let’s see
1995 to 2008. Yeah, it’s possible he would have
gotten parole by now. They would have classified it as
a crime of passion,temporary insanity or something. I do
believe that the public would have shown him sympathy.
JAMESCOOLEY. I know it was a joke. My answer for it was
the mirror.

The problem with labeling the murders as a crime of passion is all the planning he put into the act. It was premeditated murder. Premeditated murder is, and should be, punished with life in prison without parole or death. I doubt he would have ever been released, or maybe even be alive, had he been convicted back then. Remember what they did to Scott Peterson for killing his pregnant wife? It is possible to get the death penalty in CA.

The two words I hate to here on the news OJ Palin

Don’t turn on the TV in four years then. :wink:

I really cannot think that you really think the only person the Republicans can pick in four years is this woman.

I understand you may be sick of O.J. So are a lot of
people. The problem is this man was viewed by many
as beating the system because of racism. As to UTR’s question
as to wether it would have been a crime of passion. Remember
the woman who killed her husband who had moved in
with his secretary. After months of having her husband rub her
face in it. She lost it drove to where they staying and shot him and
her to death. The crime was premeditaded, she did plan it. The
jury however convicted her of second degree murder instead of
murder one,so she will be eligible for parole. They ruled it a
crime of passion.

[QUOTE=samlar;2171000]I really cannot think that you really think the only person the Republicans can pick in four years is this woman.[/QUOTE]

I didn’t say she will be the Republican nominee but I will bet a decent amount of money she will be running for the position. There are so many variables right now it is impossible to predict political events four years into the future. Heck, depending on what Obama does I may be be voting for him in four years. I hope that is the case because that would mean he hasn’t drug us deeper into socialism.

Yes it would be nice to seem him move this country forward. The only way to move away from more socialism is to firs stop all these people from coming in here Illegal, remove the ones here that are here Illiegal and do away with the h1B and H2b and other h programs that allow business to bring in workers from overseas. Then and only the business would have to pay people a fair wage witn benifits to get them to work. Little Bush said the Illiegals are doing jobs amercians will not do which is not true. And people like Bill Gates and others say they cannot get the workers here theny need but both are not true. What the truth is business does not want to pay the cost. This is what Conservatism is

disposition in politics to preserve what is established b: a political philosophy based on tradition and social stability, stressing established institutions, and preferring gradual development to abrupt change; specifically : such a philosophy calling for lower taxes, limited government regulation of business and investing, a strong national defense, and individual financial responsibility for personal needs (as retirement income or health-care coverage

This only works when government does pass laws like H1B laws that allow business to bring in cheap labor from other countries.

You cannot have business socialism like H1B and the balout plan on one hand and not expect the people not to want social programs for themselves. What we need to start doing in this country is talking about an new turn and that is (Business socialism). Even I my area we have a airport that gets both federal,state, and county tax money but is only used by a few businesses and rich people. We even have local state people who send money from state taxes to this county for something call saddle club. I do not even own a saddle.