NZB conversion help needed



I’ve downloaded some some files in the NZB format from a blog on the web. The blog is not a Usenet group, but now delivers links for Usenet users. The files in question are not video but are old magazines. I would like to convert them to cbr (rar) or cbz (zip) for reading with a comic book reader. I am totally uninformed about anything to do with news groups or Usenet.

Any suggestions on how to convert these files? I am on a Mac, if it makes a difference.



Welcome aboard :slight_smile:

An NZB file is basically a set of headers for attachments on Usenet, such as a set of RAR files.

To retrieve the content, you need access to a Usenet provider. Unless your Internet provider offers its own Usenet access, the only free one I am aware of is UsenetStorm, which fetches up to 200MB per NZB. I would imagine scanned/PDF Magazines to be just a few Megabytes, so it’s worth a try. Basically what you do click “Choose File” and give it your NZB file and click the Download button. If it’s under 200MB, it will then give you a link to what it has fetched.

If it’s considerably larger, you can try NewsDemon. The 10GB block is €1.44 (likely $2 in US.) To use NewsDemon or most other pay providers, you will need a Usenet reader, such as Grabit (I’m not sure if they’ve a Mac version.) Basically what you do with Grabit or any other binary Usenet reader is give it the Usenet login details from your provider and then double-click your NZB files one by one to import them. The Usenet reader will then fetch them. If you’ve used BitTorrent before (e.g. uTorrent), it’s a very similar process, apart from that the files download straight from the Usenet provider (rather than P2P) and nothing is shared out.


Sean, sorry for not getting back to you sooner. Thank you for your help. Your comparison with BitTorrents made things a bit clearer for me. I will look into getting a Usenet provider and try it. Thanks again!