NZ court decrees Megaupload asset seizure order 'null & void'



NZ court decrees Megaupload asset seizure order ‘null & void’.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Back in January when Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom was arrested by New Zealand authorities, his assets were seized. Now the order to seize those assets is being deemed "null and void."

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Justice Judith Potter notes that the Police Commissioner tried to fix the error by applying for the correct type of restraining order after the fact, although it was a temporary order. Potter will rule this week on whether or not this “procedural error” will result in Dotcom having all of his property returned to him.

So they make a mistake and now they will again try him for the same crime twice… Doesn’t this fall on slippery slope and call into question the american law “Double Jeopardy” and they are now it looking like hypocrites. Using the law for their own benefits and thinking they can pass it off. Part I find commical is the word “after the fact” which would mean they weren’t following the law or making sure they could just use the law as they see fit and then change their mind just cause they could. This just sounds very shaddy doing where the law didn’t follow their very own laws they are suppose to follow. Sounds like the cause is already breaking down from the onset of the seizures and Dotcom lawyers are going to sezie on this and run with it and tell all of over reach and trying to coverup their mistakes.


I seen this coming lol I think it was dumb they wasted tax payer dollars on this when there is real crime out there to fight like solving murders, rapes, drugs, etc