NYC to begin antipiracy ads in cooperation with the MPAA

NYC to begin antipiracy ads in cooperation with the MPAA.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Earlier this month we reported on an antipiracy ad campaign, conducted by the Motion Picture Association of America, which is attempting to discourage college students from illegally sharing and downloading movies by telling them that such actions will lead to fewer jobs available in the creative sector when they graduate. Now the MPAA is helping New York City conduct a similar ad campaign targeting their citizens.

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They better have better ads than this awesome one.

You got to be kidding me they could’ve fix their state and economy but they some how find money to do those anti-piracy ads… what a bunch of morons…like the pirates and those doing piracy gives a a rats a%% about their billboards. Hey NY you should be spending your money better you want less government maybe using that money to improve NYs’ image would do it more better. You are fighting a down hill battle and your not going to win in the end!!!

NYC is quickly becoming a business sludge factory with all the power concentrated in Manhattan. There aren’t enough NON-ENTERTAINMENT jobs to go around. Try focusing on those first. Instead, they’ll look to bring big box superstores into the city like Walmart with low wage jobs & act like they’ve done the city a favor. These so-called entertainment jobs don’t pay lots of money… mostly they are short term contract work and pay for fee services to actually create the content. Once the job is done, that’s it, your income ends. The MPAA would like you to believe that all these CONTENT CREATORS who play a role get a dividend of each license fee paid… well, sadly, that’s not the case. They pay up front and suck the well dry for themselves, and THAT more than the creative endeavors is what they are trying to protect. Lift the cloak and that’s what you’ll see.