Nyack, and other silly things

I thought I’d just “google” for a nonsense word to see what the wide world has to say about it … I chose “Nyack”, since it’s a word that I generally use instead of “care factor 0”.

It turns out that … Nyack is the name of a place in New York, a harpist and is apparently also a town near Miami, Ohio.

What’s worse, is it’s technically part of two towns, Clarkstown and Orangetown.

Also mustn’t forget that Miami has it’s own Nyack too …

And last but not least, how can I forget “Deborah Nyack” a Harpist which would be quite attractive, if she wasn’t all yellow & white… She can probably play the harp too, although not too well, since there was only 1 site which mentioned her.

you seriously have way too much time on your hands…

Deborah Nyack almost looks like Debro Nyack

Nyack … my boss is away …

I have never heard that word before

Nyack is right up the alley from “Ods Bodkins” or “Gadzooks”.