NWN SOU and Hordes

Hey I got these expansions around Xmas and havent gotten around to install them. As I have finally solved the original’s OC,
I want to install the expansions and play them. But as my general practice I do not like to use the original CDs.
I know the game is protected by SecureRom.

These are the Opticals that I have available–
PC1 = LiteOn DVD Burner 451(Master)
LiteOn DVD/CDRW Combo 48161H (Slave)

PC2 = TDK DVD+R Indi DVD Burner(Master)
TDK VeloCD 40X12X48 CDRW (Slave)

PC3 = TDK VeloCD 24X10X40 CDRW(Master)
LiteON 16XDVD-Rom

Media = TDK CDR’s 48X

These are the steps I think I need to take :

  1. Dowload the BWA files for the respective games (Done)
  2. Create Image with Clone CD (Which drive should I use) ?
    (I want to play on PC 1 as that is my most robust PC)
    a) Should I select anything special before creating this image
    if so what ?
  3. Burn CD with Clone CD (Is there another program that I
    need to use other than this, or with this program I have
    heard of something called twin peaks)
  4. Would I need to use an ATIP hider if I use PC 1, like Daemon
    tools ?

Thanks all for your input I am ever greatful for your advice.

See here .

You will need an ATIP hider for your PC1.