This is what I got in my Email:

Dear Sirs,

My client Dutch National Association of Publishers (Nederlands
Uitgeversverbond / NUV) has noticed that you offer for sale and/or make
available computer programs published by NUV-members.

In doing this, you commit a tortuous act towards the NUV-members involved,
and more in particular you infringe their copyrights.

As a result, my client and its members involved suffer damages, now and in
the future. On behalf of my client and its members I hold you liable for
this loss.

My client and its members do not tolerate such infringments. I therefore
demand that you immediately cease and desist from offering for sale,
selling, making available or any other way of reproducing or distributing
the computer programs of my client and its members, and to confirm this to
me within 24 hours after receiving this message.

If you do not comply with this demand, my client and its members reserve all
their rights, including the right to file a claim in legal proceedings for
compensation of all losses sustained.

Yours sincerely,
J. Lensink
De Vos & Partners Advocaten
POBox 1031
1000 BA Amsterdam
The Netherlands
tel: (020) 661 08 28
fax: (020) 661 36 15

NUV member companies include:Uitgeverij Het Spectrum B.V., Zwijsen B.V., Van
Dale Lexicografie B.V., Malmberg B.V., Elsevier Bedrijfsinformatie B.V.,
ANWB-Media, A.W. Bruna Uitgevers B.V., Kluwer-Rechtswetenschappen B.V., Sdu
Uitgevers B.V., Wolters Noordhoff B.V., VNU Interactive Media B.V…


I got this mail a week ago and my site was deleted as well.
Now I’ve just started a new site a few days ago and now I got this FUCKING email again and again my new site is deleted.
I really hate these fucking guys. I don’t violate any of the rules. Ok maybe some copyright shit but I just sell BACKUPS and there not even from NUV members so what the fuck are these faggits complaing about.
Pff…we have to do something, i spoke to other dealers and cdfreaks and more people got this, inlcuding cdfreaks…


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hmmm, this letter has been in freaks news to once