Nview doesn't work with geforce 2 mx 400

have the latest detonaterdrivers 41.09, and nview doesn’t work with divx. It only plays back the movie on the primary screen, Changed it to tv, but want it on my monitor screen too, for using subsync for the subtitles, any 1 has an answer???

you need to select “clone” under nview. It will put it on both screens. Took me a while to figure that one out too.:slight_smile:

I did that, is set like that all the time, but I know for sure that older detonator drivers gave me 2 screens with movie and now the primary does, but the secondary just gives a black, almost darkpurple screen. It’s only with divx, dvd’s play well on both screens. Think that’s strange and it really bugs me!!! Hope someone can help me!!!

THX in advance!!!

try installing ffdshow filter, it may take care of your problems.

nope, same problem, guess it’s driver related. Don’t know what to do!!!

on a side note, after you installed those drivers, did the size of the font in internet explorer change and get smaller? mine did.

no, not that i think, why???

well i just installed those drivers before i posted my first reply, and after that, the font size is like 6 and i can barely read it. Maybe its just a coincidence. But if you had the same problem i wanted to know what you did to fix it. Thats why I asked. Have any other drivers screwed up playback of divx on both screens?

Don’t know, have the nimo codec pack build 8. Ever tried it?
Maybe that is the problem???

Really don’t know anymore

ive read that lots of people have problems with it. What is the version of the divx file your are trying to play. If its 3.11a then reinstall it. If its 5.0.2, the reinstall it. Maybe try uninstalling the codec pack then installing the appropriate divx codec. Im not sure if this will make a difference but its worth a shot. Do you have any of the older versions of the drivers? Ive got 30.82 and 40.72 and of course the new one. Maybe there’s some bug in the new version.

Guess so
saw another pc today with the same problem, and the owner says he didn’t have that problem with older detonator drivers, really weird.

you can play a movie on 1 monitor and work on the other, like with a matrox, just go to video overlay and choose primary or secondary monitor, only thing i can’t do is getting the subtitles on the screen, bummer

if you want it to work with the Detonator 40.xx series you will have to use TV-Tool

latest version is 6.8.4

you dont need tvtool, just turn on the darn overlay.

and for the internet explorer font problem, click view -> text size

yeah, with overlay it works, but you can’t get the subtitles turned on with micro dvd, and that’s a problem, cause I’m dutch, and I really need subtitles with some movies(braveheart and that old Irish is difficult to understand!!!)

In overlay, you only get the movie and not the subtitles!

yeahy i searched on google and figured out the text size problem. Thanks anyway though.