Nvidia SW IDE drivers

I read some info in some threads here that indicated that maybe I should uninstall the nvidia SW IDE drivers that are installed with the nforce package (I own a nforce3 Ultra mobo, and a 3520A), and use microsoft’s instead. However I couldn’t find any detailed info about it.

As of today I have zero problems burning, burn times are consistent and I don’t have too much cpu usage or buffer drops.

Any specific thread I should look into? Maybe some information on this matter should be added to the NEC FAQ.


If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. :wink: Problems with those drivers are of the sort that you can’t ignore or overlook. On many boards, the later versions are trouble free.

I also have no problems using the Nvidia drivers on my Nforce 2 ultra ASUS board
so don’t worry about it unless problems show up

I have had all sorts of problems with the NV IDE drivers, so I only use the microsoft ones.

I even use nVidia nForce 4 drivers for AMD on my nForce 2 board.
It seems that the current versions of nForce drivers do not cause as much trouble as the initial ones.
But never change a running system.


I used to use the nvidia ide drivers for about a year with my NEC and no problems. Recently i had to re-install the nvidia drivers and the SW IDE completely screwed the NEC drive. When i insert any disc it will crash the pc, can’t burn etc. i then uninstalled the drivers and everything was fine.

So in my experience it may work fine and it may not work at all…i’d do what rdgrimes said

btw i’m using a nforce 3 150 chipset, previously used a nforce 3 250GB and a nforce 2 with no probs using nvidia ide driver.

Thanks for all the input guys, seems like it’ll be “status quo” here for me. :slight_smile:

no problems here with nforce4 ultra an 6.39 (won’t crash, won’t update).