nVidia or Microsoft IDE Drviers



Does anyone know of any performance differences between nVidia and Microsoft IDE Drivers?

I currently have a DW1650 and have tried a few comparisons and although its hard to pick definite differences, in general, the Microsoft Drivers do seem to give slightly quicker speeds and marginally better / more consistent quality scores.

Initialy I was favouring the nVidia option as, in my case, they allow learnt media in QSuite to be reported correctly (number of learnt media always shows 0 for me with Microsoft Drivers), however, as it appears Solidburn still works correctly with either I am thinking of moving back to what appear to be the better performing Micorsoft Drivers.

Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated.


I have nForce4-based motherboard and BenQ 1640. Everything works fine with nVidia drivers.


Hi :slight_smile:
keyap, I think it’s acase of what works for you. Personally I can use either via or microsoft. Some folks have problems with via, I don’t. In my case I can’t tell any difference one way or another. It appears similar in your case, you could use either.


The strangest thing with nvidia drivers is that sometimes they works without problems and sometimes they give only problems.

For what I know nobody until now was able to find the real casue of these problems.


i have an nfroce4 ultra amd mobo. the early drivers used nvdia for both sata and pata. i have my burners on pata, never had a problem and noticed no diff in burn quality with nvdia drivers (used ms drivers first). now nvdia ide install puts nvdia drivers on my sata and ms drivers on my pata. all burners still work fine and burn quality is exceptional. plenty of people complain bout nvidia ide drivers. i think its a, ymmv. there must be other variables, since some people are fine with nvida drivers and some people have nothing but problems.


The same result in my case. WIith Microsoft drivers transfer rate slightly quicker.


I don’t get a jitter reading from my nForce2 board unless I run the NVIDIA drivers.


I benchmarked between the Microsoft and Nvidia NF2 IDE drivers in Sisoftware Sandra and the Nvidia driver was faster all across the board.I have no issues so far.


I think the motherboard you have makes a difference. I don’t know this for a fact, but I think I read somewhere that is the case.


The nforce driver is much improved since its early days. It would cause poor burning quality to discs and even corrupted hard drives.

Things seem to be alot more stable these days. I have recently started to use the nforce drivers again and have noticed a slight speed increase on windows startup and no problems with burning. (Motherboard: Asus K8N Nforce3)


I am also using M/B with Nvida chipset Nforce3-250 using Nvida drive for the last 12 months without noticing any significant problem.