NVIDIA nforce4 IDE driver

I would like to read some of your thoughts about NVIDIA’s nforce4 IDE driver. It only creates problems to my machine. I have a Gigabyte GA-K8N Pro-SLI motherboard and my optical drives do not seem to work in DMA under this driver. Tray eject/load and media recognition times are not only very long, they also cause an annoying stall in my computer during the process.
I have tried a few of NVIDIA’s nforce4 driver packages and none seemed to put my optical drives in proper operation mode. I just removed nvidia’s driver and using Win XP’s own I see a clear improvement.

When I was using the IDE driver contained in the 6.86 nforce driver package I got the following information from the device manager and Nero InfoTool (Nero-

InfoTool with Win XP driver:

omfg, how can you use a computer with that color theme :expressionless: i would go blind.

and yes, nvidia ide driver does cause problems, that why most people don’t use it, thats also why nvidia removed ide driver from the new nforce driver packs

sata driver is fine, just stay away from ide

The installer of the latest 6.86 package gives you the option to install some “Nvidia IDE SW”. When I install this I get the configuration shown in my first message. If there is no PATA IDE driver contained in the package then what on earth is installed in my computer that causes the mess? I only have PATA drives at the moment but I plan to purchase a SATA soon and I would like to know if parallel and serial IDE drivers can be independently installed.

I wished manufacturers would try to make driver installers a little more informative for users!