nVIDIA graphics card framerate

ok, basicly my problem is my graphics card doesnt seem to be able to render lighting, but does everything else great, for exaple on FarCry it will go at 40fps maximum settings (exept AA) but if i turn the lighting quality up above “Low” it goes down to like 10fps. same with Doom 3, on 1024x786 will all settings on “High” and all the advanced settings (exept “Shadows”) on it goes at abour 35fps, but as soon as i turn shadows on it goes down to like 7fps :eek:. is it just my card bieng shit? seems odd that it handles all the other settings being high but just cant cope with lighting? i have installed the latest drivers (61.77), didnt do much. my card is a NVIDIA GeForce FX 5600XT (256MB) i have a 3.2GHz P4 HT proccesor and 1GB DDR Ram.

any ideas, maybe i should just get a new card?


ben :slight_smile:

this is strange about doom3…
as far as i know, doom 3 uses the CPU to render shadows, not the gfx-card…
and i know from a friend who has also a 5600xt (256mb) that doom 3 runs fine on HIGH settings, WITH shadows… and he has “only” an amd athlon xp 2600+ (not overclocked)

hmmm… maybe it is my processor, but it thought 3.2GHz Extreme Edition would be enough.

ben :slight_smile: